Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How To Choose A Condo Interior Design Company in Singapore?

Buying a condo is an exciting new development in most peoples lives. You have a brand-new home and space that can now be decorated to showcase you. Deciding on an interior design company can be a difficult task.

Your friends will probably have a whole list of suggestions, as will your neighbours and every one you mention it to. Plus, you’ll get a barrage of calls from the various companies once you register for renovation.

Choosing the right company while difficult, is necessary to make your house into your dream home. Though it is difficult there are several things to look out for while choosing the right interior design company. Here are some tips for choosing the company that is right for you.

An accredited company is easier to trust than one that is not. Searching the company’s name online will reveal whether they are certified by RCMA, ISO, or Casetrust. Both these accreditations mean different things. An RCMA certification is given if the Interior Design company you’ve chosen keeps your deposit safe even if they get liquidated or closure with performance bonds deposits.

And ISO certification is for quality assurance consistency. Casetrust accreditations are for good standards, ethics and sales practices. A company with a Casetrust certificate is assessed on a regular basis for workmanship by BCA with CONQAS standards in mind.

While checking the accreditation of your interior design company, you should also make sure you check the kinds of warranties they provide for their work. Fixtures should not look pretty and fall apart in just a few days; a good warranty means you can trust the company. It also means you can be sure you won’t have to pay to get fixtures replaced.


Even when you have decided on which company you’ll choose you still have to decide which designer from the company should work for you. As several designers from Interior Design companies in Singapore do not have degrees in design, a good way to check their talent is from their years of experience. Many designers learn on the job and from mentors so checking either their degree or inquiring about their years of experience is a good trick.

While we think of design as a creative endeavour, within a company it is still a job and one with sales targets. It becomes important to make sure that the person and company you are choosing to design your home has the required skills and experience.


Several interior design companies have their own contractors while others might hire a team for specific jobs. There are also companies that have their own factories for woodwork. A design company that has its own factory for woodwork and contractors is a better bet than one that does not.

When one company is in charge of end to end work there is no distinction in responsibilities. With several agencies handling the different facets of work, it is easy for them to draw the line at their own function. Collaborative work can make every aspect of the design work together.

Specialisation Of Designers

Even within a design company, while one designer could be great at kitchen planning, another could be great at bedrooms. You should be able to figure out which area of your home you need most help with.

This way you can hire a designer that excels at that particular space. Needless to say, even a designer that specializes in wardrobes will be able to design your whole home well. This would just be their strongest suit. If you have more than one problem area you could always request two designers to work on your home.


At the end of the day this is your space and it should reflect you. A designer that understands you and your needs will give you the home you want. Conversations with the designer and sharing your thoughts and preferences are a great way to ensure your designer works for you.

If you feel slighted or feel that your designer does not consider your opinions you should look for another one. After all, a designer has sales targets to meet and might be more interested in reaching his goals rather than making sure your needs are met.

Exciting though it is to think of the wonderful things that can be done with the space, costs are also a factor. The charges an Interior Design company will take depend on several factors.

Square Footage
The first thing any company will want to know is the square footage of your home. If you have a condominium that is under 100 sqm you can expect the firm to charge about $40,000. For a home between 100 and 130 sqm the charge will probably be about $45,000.
If your home is between 130 and 160 sqm an interior design company is likely to charge you somewhere in the vicinity of $68,000 and about $105,000 for one that is between 160 and 190 sqm.


A brand-new condominium will cost much less than one that is older. If your home is new you are likely to spend up to 25% less than if you are renovating your old home.
The reason for this is that new homes are less likely to have any kind of damage. In an older home there could be a lot more work incurred by the interior design company.

Flooring And Walls

If you want to change the flooring you could be charged between $6,500 to $9,000 more by the company. This could be more or less depending on the size of your home.
If you need to tear down walls whether to increase the size of a room or to merge two rooms, the cost could increase by $400 to $900. This amount will depend on the thickness of the wall and its length.


Wardrobes and kitchen fixtures are an important aspect to personalising your space. Depending on what features are already present and the age and size of your home, a new kitchen could cost upwards of $8,000. A wardrobe could be about $320 for every square foot of the area. The cost of the materials you want used for these fittings and the design can increase or decrease this estimate too.

Your home is your sanctuary, it is where you rest, where you make the memories that form your life. Making it perfect is important which is why it is important to choose the best interior designer to make your house perfect.