Monday, 18 June 2018

10 Office Design Tips You Must Consider

If you want to improve the work environment in your office then you must plan to furnish it. But if can be difficult to start its furnishing unless you know how to start it. Some office design tips are provided in this write-up which you must consider while refurnishing your office space. It will help you in refreshing your workplace by making few minor changes instead of any major change.
Open some more space: You can plan to open up more space in your office regardless of its size by using few simple tactics. You can make it possible either by removing walls or partitions between cubes or rearranging the layout of desks. It will not only give a bigger look to your office but also improve collaboration between your employees. Along with providing freedom to move to your employees this new arrangement will also improve their work efficiency.

Add more light to your office: You can make your office better place to work by giving it an airy and brighter environment. You can improve the productivity of your staff by introducing more natural light in to it. You can remove shades and other obstacles to increase the incoming of natural light as much as possible. It will not only make your employees comfortable and happy to work in it but also reduce your power bill by reducing the use of means of artificial lighting.

Use glass partitions: You can use more glass to make your office look more modern and up-to-date. Most of the sky-scrapers found in urban business centres have glass on their front as well as in the interior to complement each other. Thus more glass in office spaces is the last trend in office designing these days all over the world. By using glass partitions in the office you can increase the natural lighting in your office space along with maintaining privacy in it without disturbing its original design.

Create escape areas: In order to improve productivity of your employees you should create an area where they can get a break from their regular environment in the office. You should provide them a separate area apart from the room filled with computers and desks to allow them to flow with their creative thoughts. It will give them some time to work with their mind instead of facing computer all the time. However they should not be allowed to eat their lunch or chill out anywhere else during this time period. It will allow your employees to amend themselves as per your expectations. You can allow them to have fun and use their creativity to improve their efficiency.

Use stand and sit desks:
It has been proved through researches that sitting in one position for long time can cause a number of health problems. So to avoid such situation in your 9-5 office you can improve the productivity and avoid health problems by replacing routine desks with stand and sit desks. They will allow your employees to do some of their works even while standing instead of sitting on their seat all the time. It will allow them to stretch their legs without disturbing their work. Their standing workstations will allow them to relax while doing their work when they do not want to go away from their work.

Use your brand in the office space: Branding of a business is the main source of its success. You can brand your products, website and advertising materials along with your office space to ensure its success. Most of the successful businesses all over the world today use their brand in appropriate colours throughout their offices to add creative features to the workspace along with making it visually more interesting.

Buy quality office furniture: When you buy quality furniture for your office then it will be economical for you as it can serve you for long time as compared to cheap quality furniture. Cheap office furniture can start wearing out very soon as it is to be used by your staff on daily basis. Moreover you will not be ready to replace office furniture very frequently even if modern and trendy furniture is available in the market.

Add elements to boost mood: You can improve the experience of your employees by adding some interesting features in the environment of your modern office. You can organise some space in your office to help your employees to relax themselves by using some elements that can boost up their mood to do work more efficiently. These elements can include natural features, plants, pets and art works etc. It will also help in improving the productivity of your work force.

Storage options for good office organisation:
A good organisation of all the necessary thing in your office space that can improve the productivity of your employees, regardless of its size. You can reduce the quantity of everything discussed in this write-up to improve the potentials of your workforce by avoiding over- crowded workplace. You can use modern shelving systems and storage facilities to keep your things in a very organised and interesting manner instead of creating mess. In order to keep the things tidy you should implement few rules for all employees to keep their workspace tidy no matter how small your office is.

Give few finishing touches: You can sometimes make huge change in your office by using certain really small things. Adding few colourful plants displayed cleverly in your office space can be a good example of improving the looks of your office just by giving it finishing touch with minimum things. In this way, few finishing touches can tie up all the additions and alterations you have made in the design of your office to improve its looks as well as productivity.

So, whether you want to make some minor changes or renovate your office completely you should keep one thing in your mind that your office should reflect the image of the company you are working for. Your creative ideas about the design of your office should impress the visitors along with improving the productivity of your employees to a great extent.