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How To Choose A Condo Interior Design Company in Singapore?

Buying a condo is an exciting new development in most peoples lives. You have a brand-new home and space that can now be decorated to showcase you. Deciding on an interior design company can be a difficult task.

Your friends will probably have a whole list of suggestions, as will your neighbours and every one you mention it to. Plus, you’ll get a barrage of calls from the various companies once you register for renovation.

Choosing the right company while difficult, is necessary to make your house into your dream home. Though it is difficult there are several things to look out for while choosing the right interior design company. Here are some tips for choosing the company that is right for you.

An accredited company is easier to trust than one that is not. Searching the company’s name online will reveal whether they are certified by RCMA, ISO, or Casetrust. Both these accreditations mean different things. An RCMA certification is given if the Interior Design company you’ve chosen keeps your deposit safe even if they get liquidated or closure with performance bonds deposits.

And ISO certification is for quality assurance consistency. Casetrust accreditations are for good standards, ethics and sales practices. A company with a Casetrust certificate is assessed on a regular basis for workmanship by BCA with CONQAS standards in mind.

While checking the accreditation of your interior design company, you should also make sure you check the kinds of warranties they provide for their work. Fixtures should not look pretty and fall apart in just a few days; a good warranty means you can trust the company. It also means you can be sure you won’t have to pay to get fixtures replaced.


Even when you have decided on which company you’ll choose you still have to decide which designer from the company should work for you. As several designers from Interior Design companies in Singapore do not have degrees in design, a good way to check their talent is from their years of experience. Many designers learn on the job and from mentors so checking either their degree or inquiring about their years of experience is a good trick.

While we think of design as a creative endeavour, within a company it is still a job and one with sales targets. It becomes important to make sure that the person and company you are choosing to design your home has the required skills and experience.


Several interior design companies have their own contractors while others might hire a team for specific jobs. There are also companies that have their own factories for woodwork. A design company that has its own factory for woodwork and contractors is a better bet than one that does not.

When one company is in charge of end to end work there is no distinction in responsibilities. With several agencies handling the different facets of work, it is easy for them to draw the line at their own function. Collaborative work can make every aspect of the design work together.

Specialisation Of Designers

Even within a design company, while one designer could be great at kitchen planning, another could be great at bedrooms. You should be able to figure out which area of your home you need most help with.

This way you can hire a designer that excels at that particular space. Needless to say, even a designer that specializes in wardrobes will be able to design your whole home well. This would just be their strongest suit. If you have more than one problem area you could always request two designers to work on your home.


At the end of the day this is your space and it should reflect you. A designer that understands you and your needs will give you the home you want. Conversations with the designer and sharing your thoughts and preferences are a great way to ensure your designer works for you.

If you feel slighted or feel that your designer does not consider your opinions you should look for another one. After all, a designer has sales targets to meet and might be more interested in reaching his goals rather than making sure your needs are met.

Exciting though it is to think of the wonderful things that can be done with the space, costs are also a factor. The charges an Interior Design company will take depend on several factors.

Square Footage
The first thing any company will want to know is the square footage of your home. If you have a condominium that is under 100 sqm you can expect the firm to charge about $40,000. For a home between 100 and 130 sqm the charge will probably be about $45,000.
If your home is between 130 and 160 sqm an interior design company is likely to charge you somewhere in the vicinity of $68,000 and about $105,000 for one that is between 160 and 190 sqm.


A brand-new condominium will cost much less than one that is older. If your home is new you are likely to spend up to 25% less than if you are renovating your old home.
The reason for this is that new homes are less likely to have any kind of damage. In an older home there could be a lot more work incurred by the interior design company.

Flooring And Walls

If you want to change the flooring you could be charged between $6,500 to $9,000 more by the company. This could be more or less depending on the size of your home.
If you need to tear down walls whether to increase the size of a room or to merge two rooms, the cost could increase by $400 to $900. This amount will depend on the thickness of the wall and its length.


Wardrobes and kitchen fixtures are an important aspect to personalising your space. Depending on what features are already present and the age and size of your home, a new kitchen could cost upwards of $8,000. A wardrobe could be about $320 for every square foot of the area. The cost of the materials you want used for these fittings and the design can increase or decrease this estimate too.

Your home is your sanctuary, it is where you rest, where you make the memories that form your life. Making it perfect is important which is why it is important to choose the best interior designer to make your house perfect.

Monday, 18 June 2018

10 Office Design Tips You Must Consider

If you want to improve the work environment in your office then you must plan to furnish it. But if can be difficult to start its furnishing unless you know how to start it. Some office design tips are provided in this write-up which you must consider while refurnishing your office space. It will help you in refreshing your workplace by making few minor changes instead of any major change.
Open some more space: You can plan to open up more space in your office regardless of its size by using few simple tactics. You can make it possible either by removing walls or partitions between cubes or rearranging the layout of desks. It will not only give a bigger look to your office but also improve collaboration between your employees. Along with providing freedom to move to your employees this new arrangement will also improve their work efficiency.

Add more light to your office: You can make your office better place to work by giving it an airy and brighter environment. You can improve the productivity of your staff by introducing more natural light in to it. You can remove shades and other obstacles to increase the incoming of natural light as much as possible. It will not only make your employees comfortable and happy to work in it but also reduce your power bill by reducing the use of means of artificial lighting.

Use glass partitions: You can use more glass to make your office look more modern and up-to-date. Most of the sky-scrapers found in urban business centres have glass on their front as well as in the interior to complement each other. Thus more glass in office spaces is the last trend in office designing these days all over the world. By using glass partitions in the office you can increase the natural lighting in your office space along with maintaining privacy in it without disturbing its original design.

Create escape areas: In order to improve productivity of your employees you should create an area where they can get a break from their regular environment in the office. You should provide them a separate area apart from the room filled with computers and desks to allow them to flow with their creative thoughts. It will give them some time to work with their mind instead of facing computer all the time. However they should not be allowed to eat their lunch or chill out anywhere else during this time period. It will allow your employees to amend themselves as per your expectations. You can allow them to have fun and use their creativity to improve their efficiency.

Use stand and sit desks:
It has been proved through researches that sitting in one position for long time can cause a number of health problems. So to avoid such situation in your 9-5 office you can improve the productivity and avoid health problems by replacing routine desks with stand and sit desks. They will allow your employees to do some of their works even while standing instead of sitting on their seat all the time. It will allow them to stretch their legs without disturbing their work. Their standing workstations will allow them to relax while doing their work when they do not want to go away from their work.

Use your brand in the office space: Branding of a business is the main source of its success. You can brand your products, website and advertising materials along with your office space to ensure its success. Most of the successful businesses all over the world today use their brand in appropriate colours throughout their offices to add creative features to the workspace along with making it visually more interesting.

Buy quality office furniture: When you buy quality furniture for your office then it will be economical for you as it can serve you for long time as compared to cheap quality furniture. Cheap office furniture can start wearing out very soon as it is to be used by your staff on daily basis. Moreover you will not be ready to replace office furniture very frequently even if modern and trendy furniture is available in the market.

Add elements to boost mood: You can improve the experience of your employees by adding some interesting features in the environment of your modern office. You can organise some space in your office to help your employees to relax themselves by using some elements that can boost up their mood to do work more efficiently. These elements can include natural features, plants, pets and art works etc. It will also help in improving the productivity of your work force.

Storage options for good office organisation:
A good organisation of all the necessary thing in your office space that can improve the productivity of your employees, regardless of its size. You can reduce the quantity of everything discussed in this write-up to improve the potentials of your workforce by avoiding over- crowded workplace. You can use modern shelving systems and storage facilities to keep your things in a very organised and interesting manner instead of creating mess. In order to keep the things tidy you should implement few rules for all employees to keep their workspace tidy no matter how small your office is.

Give few finishing touches: You can sometimes make huge change in your office by using certain really small things. Adding few colourful plants displayed cleverly in your office space can be a good example of improving the looks of your office just by giving it finishing touch with minimum things. In this way, few finishing touches can tie up all the additions and alterations you have made in the design of your office to improve its looks as well as productivity.

So, whether you want to make some minor changes or renovate your office completely you should keep one thing in your mind that your office should reflect the image of the company you are working for. Your creative ideas about the design of your office should impress the visitors along with improving the productivity of your employees to a great extent.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How To Choose The Right Home Designer

A home designer specifies the design, materials, stunning quality, and also subtle elements for private building ventures. Numerous individuals may assess these sorts of home designers not possessing these qualifications to be a bothersome factor. Fundamentally that is certainly off by a long shot to reality.

An incredible home designer, by and large, has a long time of skill not just designing and drafting the development docs, what's more, will regularly have put in numerous years on real development destinations performing the genuine activity themselves. Presently this isn't consistently the circumstance, be that as it may, these individuals with this sort of information are typically best to design your home. Not given their experience and mastery in the calling however their rates tend to be more affordable when contrasted with an enrolled modeler's charges will be.
The rates a home designer, and also a modeler command has turned out to be different. Engineers achieve four years or a greater amount of school getting training and concentrate the particulars on modeler home design and also structural design of nearly everything else all differing from little homes to expansive elevated structures. Planners are enlisted to affirm various features of the building not utilized for singular houses.

Given these two subtle elements, draftsmen demand high administration expenses to make a building design notwithstanding an arrangement of development illustrations for houses. The dominant part of designer's charges fluctuates from 7% to 15% (here and there more prominent) for his or her administrations on a lodging venture. All home designers' rates for this identical administration change from 3% to 8%. This specific huge variety in rates joined with the irrefutable truth that each regularly has the indistinguishable, or a similar level of skill in private design is the motivation behind why the larger part will likely choose a home designer over a modeler for their lodging venture.

Despite the fact that design limit can practically, be prepared, the best occupations are the impact of a blend of ability and learning. Therefore your decision in who to utilize shouldn't be solely chosen essentially for their lessened rates or instruction. A home designer should be chosen as because of the outstanding consequences of their work.

Home designers make utilization of various sources and instruments available to them to help with conveying their compositional designs and also the development records into the finished item. Despite the fact that this can be an incredible technique for imparting a design to a customer it truly is obsolete and doesn't reliably achieve the activity the home designer created it for, to help the customer to completely handle and picture the design. These days there's a lot of PC programs that empower an incredible house designer to give their home design to their customers. These kinds of realistic tools as I want to allude to them incorporate things like 3D hued renderings, walk-a-rounds, and also walk-throughs.

Therefore, when you're hoping to choose a designer, it's additionally prudent to consider precisely how they demonstrate their designs to their customer base. Not every person can undoubtedly make sense of a reasonable illustration of a 2D story design. Truth be told eventually it will come directly down to what home designer you sense you may have a more reasonable association with and you feel the surest with.

Building a living arrangement signifies one of the greatest money related resources the larger part of individuals is probably going to make inside their lifetime and not very many appreciate exactly how confounded the system will be till they're required with a considerable measure of confined agreements, development necessities, zoning laws, design and style decisions, material choices, providers and also manufacturer choices and so forth. Do your family and your financial balance some help and find a home designer to join forces with and to who you're sure with.

Things to Think About When Planning for Your Home Design

Planning for your home requires a more broad approach and a great deal of basic leadership to do contrast with when getting one. Finding the ideal building parcel is now a test, designing how your future home looks like is another test. Assembling your dream home design on the present parcel that you have and additionally adjusting the demonstration of planning and budgeting can be very difficult and may require proficient help.
Here is a portion of the ways that can help you on your way.

Research for your dream home design

One must choose what sort of home they want to work before really designing what it would seem that like. It is prudent to have a rundown of things you need your house to have preceding outlining. House designs nowadays have various offerings, so it is astute to peruse for thoughts before really putting every one of these thoughts into a paper.

A fast draw would likewise help in conceptualizing your dream home. Since you don't need to execute this design yet, you can, in any case, get thoughts and blend and match things you need to have inside and outside your home. Notwithstanding, it is imperative to know the nuts and bolts that would be incorporated into your home, for example, the quantity of rooms, family zones, lounge areas, carport, kitchen highlights and washroom includes that you would need to have. Planning for web associations and also the link and telephone associations is likewise fitting.

Check local zoning laws and building licenses.

Upon the finishing of your diagram, the following stage important would get the vital allows and existing zoning laws and standards in your general vicinity. Make sure to actualize auxiliary specifications required for buildings that are developed in your general vicinity. This can spare you numerous migraines that you may understand amid the real development of your home.

Designing your budget

Regardless of how shocking you may need your home to closely resemble, despite everything you have to spend a specific measure of cash to have the capacity to execute your arrangement. Contrast your present arrangement and the budget that you have and willing to save for your dream home and change in like manner to fit. Observe that spending too much may lead you not having enough to purchase decorations for your dream home. The plot where your present budget can get you through with the development of your home and budget as needs are on what you can truly secure as your budget amid the real development. It is smarter to change now with your arrangement instead of sacrificing the nature of the development of your home once your budget begins to hurt.

Design to fit your plot
Consider the real part territory that you have before executing your home designs. Would you like to have a vast yard and a lawn? Would you like to find your home only a couple of meters from the road to expand the territory of the plot that you have? Slants ought to likewise be contemplated to have the capacity to control refilling and exhuming costs that might be required to execute the design that you need for your home.

Find rooms in zones where you get the opportunity to appreciate the protection that you require and place windows in regions that will help in making your homes more vitality effective.

Boost your space effectiveness

Ensure that you have a consistent stream of your home design. The kitchen and clothing regions ought to be situated close to each other to monitor on pipes establishments. Design territories like the kitchen with access to regions like the carport or regions where you require such availability. Make certain that your real furniture would fit in the format that you have made.a

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Your Home Flooring Options Guide

The floors you use in your home play a huge role in the look, feel and decor of any home. People seem to have their personal preferences of the type of floors that they like to have in their home and we're going to take a look at these popular choices.

Tile Floors 

Tile flooring is prevalent in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. It isn't used in the more general living areas probably because it's cold and not very comfortable but it makes a suitable type of flooring for bathrooms and kitchens because it's easy to sweep and mop. Tiles come in various sizes can be installed by yourself or by a professional if you prefer.It can give your home a custom look.

This type of flooring is something that you'll often see in people homes but can look very nice if appropriately decorated. Tile flooring comes in many varieties and so you have to choose the one that best matches the room you want to redo. The best part of tile flooring is that it can't be damaged in the same way that carpet or hardwood flooring can. Installation of tile flooring has to be done by a professional and it can be costly.


Carpet can make an excellent flooring option in just about any room of the house. However, carpet is not something that you will want to use in your kitchen or bathrooms. Typically, people do not choose carpet as a flooring option in kitchen or bathrooms because these are places where water spillage is highly likely. Also, keep in mind that there is expected to be a small mess around the toilet from time to time. You would not want some of these bodily messes to get onto the carpet. For this reason, laminate, hardwood, ceramic or vinyl flooring is a better option in bathrooms or kitchens.

However, carpets make an excellent flooring option in just about every other room of the house. A benefit of carpet is that it is exceptionally homely as well. Imagine laying on the ground on a hardwood floor; it would be very uncomfortable. Mats are quite comfortable to lay on; many people sleep on carpets. For this reason, they are much more homely and can be more comfortable for a living room or bedroom than a hard floor would be. Carpet can be expensive though, although there are many different varieties of carpet and each one has its price range, carpet is typically more expensive than vinyl or laminate flooring.

Many people with children often choose to go with a long strand carpet flooring since it is easy on the feet. Carpet flooring can be much cheaper than the other types of flooring. Since carpet is just soft fiber materials, it can be easily damaged and stained.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is something that you will want to consider if you are going for a high level of elegance in your home. The hardwood flooring adds a very trendy appeal to any home and greatly increases its value. They are also quite expensive to have installed as well. Depending on the type of hardwood that you use, the price can vary. As you explore the different choices of hardwood available, you'll find that the more exotic the hardwood, the higher its costs will be. Hardwood flooring is most commonly found in the home living room, although it can also be found in all the other rooms of the house. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is that the hardwood flooring is susceptible to scratches from sharp objects.

Hardwood floors are more expensive than laminate, ceramic and vinyl, so if you have a high budget, they are something you should consider. Hardwood floor typically looks its best in a living room, kitchen or bathroom. Real hardwood floors are a bit more difficult to clean. There are small gaps in between each piece where crumbs and other small debris can accumulate. However, it is still a favorite among those who like the look of real wood flooring. As long as you sweep it and vacuum it regularly, you can help prevent the small gaps from accumulating food, dirt and dust.

Laminate flooring

The benefits of laminate flooring are substantial. Laminate floors are cheap, they look just like Hardwood floors, and they're easy to install. When on a low budget and you are looking for something economical and efficient, laminate floors should be your first option. Laminates come in different finishes that look like the real thing. Laminate floor coverings are also easy to install allowing most homeowners to fix it themselves, but it's best if you have at least one other person to assist you.

Ceramic and Vinyl flooring

Perhaps even more affordable then laminate flooring, ceramic and vinyl floors are a solid flooring option for somebody on a tight budget. While these flooring options are typically lower quality, and the floors are manufactured with flexible and then materials, they can look great in be very durable and some homes. When purchasing ceramic or vinyl flooring, make sure that you test these products and ensure that they hold up to harsh conditions. For instance, you can scratch them or run some tests on the flooring, to make sure that they will be adequate for your home.

If you are creating a new home or just renovating your current home these most popular types of floor coverings that are used in home decor and design. They are easy to install and clean and they tend to have a longer life than carpeting. Carpeting shows high traffic areas efficiently and stains are sometimes difficult to remove. When you're considering flooring in your home be sure you think about how much you clean the floors and also what kind of budget you have. Hardwood and tile can be very expensive but are still reasonably easy to clean despite the tiny gaps that separate each piece. Laminate floor coverings are smoother which makes it easier to clean and it's also easy to install.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

How to Make Your BTO Look Bigger

Build To Order or BTO flats are flats that Singapore HDB builds based on the demand for housing. This system allows for flats to be built according to demand. The HDB builds the apartment only if people have signed up for at least 70% of flats. There are around 3 to 4 years waiting time once you have applied for the flats and even longer 70% of the flats have not been booked. But the BTO flats are getting smaller and smaller. This is where your creativity comes in to play. You have to come up with creative techniques to make your flat look bigger than it actually is and give the illusion of having a lot of space. Here are 10 tips and tricks for you to follow:

1. Use Simple Light Colors:
You know how wearing clothes of darker color make you look slimmer? Dark colors have the same effect on a room. If you want a house to look bigger, then opt for light colors like whites and beiges. They brighten up the room and make it look bigger. Dark colors also absorb more heat when compared to lighter colors and in Singapore's tropical climate you definitely don't want the house to become hotter.

2. Use Multipurpose Furniture:
Instead of having a bed and a separate cupboard for storage, you can have a bed with some pull-out storage cabinets under the bed. Or you can have a sofa that you can turn into a bed. There is a wide variety of items of furniture that double up as something else. And of course, less furniture equals more space and more space makes the house look bigger.

3. Create Negative Space:
Creating negative spaces will trick you into thinking that a room is bigger than it actually is. The best way to do it is to leave little gaps between the furniture and walls and floors. You can choose furniture with legs. A sofa with legs will definitely give the illusion of space. Items of furniture with exposed legs are also less bulky than the others. The lighter the furniture, the more space you have.

4. Use Mirrors:

Mirrors reflect light and make the room look bigger. Large mirrors placed in strategic locations can make any room look bigger. They also make a room look brighter. Think about gyms and dance studios that have a wall covered with mirrors. The room looks double its size. A mirror has multiple benefits. You can always check yourself out in them, they make the room look bigger and they are also a good decorative item.

While deciding where to place the mirrors, make sure that they are not directly in the path of sunlight. You don't want to accidentally cause a fire in your home or have too much glare that makes it difficult for you to look around the room. But the mirrors should also reflect maximum light. Test out the locations at different times during the day before you finally decide on a location.

5. Lighting:
Instead of having a single source of light in the room, have multiple light sources. Go for ceiling lights and lamps that brighten up the room. Improper lighting creates dark spaces inside the room making it look smaller. When the light sources are spread around evenly in a room, there are no dark spaces available and the room actually looks bigger. It is also better to have a properly lighted home.

6. Monochromatic Color Scheme:
The best way to make a room look bigger is to opt for a monochrome look. Make sure all your furniture belong to the same color family. Monochrome is also an evergreen style statement. Choose a color and get all your furniture in the same color. It solves two problems at the same time. It makes the room look bigger and you don't have to worry about the different colors complementing each other.

7. Have an Open Floor Plan:
Walls make the rooms look smaller. If you remove the wall between your living room and kitchen, you have a bigger space. Keep the same color scheme in both the rooms. It also makes it easy to have conversations with others while you are cooking. This can be very useful when you are having a party or hosting guests and don't want to miss out on the conversation when you are getting things ready in the kitchen.

8. Choose Light Curtains:

While you are choosing curtains for your new home, there are two things you need to keep in mind - the color and the fabric. The color needs to complement with the rest of the furniture in the room. Choose curtains of the same color family as the rest of the furniture. Another key point to remember is the fabric you choose. You don't want the curtains to block out the light coming into the room. Choose lightweight fabrics that let air and light into the room and therefore, make your house look bigger. If you are someone who likes to wake up late in the morning and want a curtain that can block out the sunlight and keep it from waking you up, go for two curtains on the bedroom windows. One made of a light fabric and another with heavy fabric. You can draw them both when you are going to sleep so that you can sleep late into the morning.

9. Use Your Balcony:
You can make your living room look bigger by making your balcony a part of it. If both your balcony and living room have the same flooring, similar furniture, and same color scheme, the balcony will look like an extension of the living room. If you have guests, you can just open the doors to the balcony and your living room instantly becomes bigger.

10. Statement Piece:
A single statement piece of furniture or painting or wall decoration will instantly draw your eyes towards it. A single statement sofa instead of a two-piece or three-piece sofa will make the room appear bigger as you will have more space. Go for a bigger sofa so that you have enough seating space available. A big painting or art piece will also have the same effect in making the room seem bigger.

The tips mentioned above can really make your BTO flat look bigger and brighter. All of these are also very budget friendly and will not leave you broke.