Sunday, 27 August 2017

Interior Designer or Contractor—who do I hire?

Finally a new home and you’re excited to renovate! But first things first—before moving in to your new home or office you have to go through a lot of things like designs, layout and renovation. And the question that comes into mind is “should I hire an interior designer or a contractor?”

First we have to know what each one does differently to make our decisions easier.

Interior Designer

· A one stop shop who is able to do everything from giving out ideas, designs and renovation works.

· Coordinates and manages the renovation project

· Provides design ideas depending on your personal requirements


· Generally only execute the renovation work requested by the homeowners.

· Would sometimes have to hire a sub-contractor to do specific tasks to carry out the work e.g. Electrician, Plumber etc.


· does the work of the contractor who cannot do the job but is responsible for

· task based contract e.g. plumber, electrician

So now that we got that out of the way here are a few more tips to help you with your renovation project. First thing to consider is:

1. Budget
Renovation decisions are first and foremost based on this and an Interior Designer and a Contractor differ greatly on pricing. An Interior Designer provides floor plans and 3D sample drawings to their clients. The Interior Designer charges a bit steeper than a Contractor but their fee include the time and the effort that goes into planning and managing your renovation project. A Contractor will not do the above mentioned services and will do only what he is told but if you’re working on a tight budget hiring a contractor can be the right one for you.

2. Scope of work to be done
First you have to decide what exactly you want done in your renovation project. Are
you looking into changing the look of your new home or office? Or are you just looking into doing some minor carpentry works? If you plan on doing the latter then it would be best to just hire a contractor but if you have plans on changing the design then you should hire an interior designer who has more expertise on that side of renovation.

3. Space Planning and Design 
If you have doubts as to how big you plan on renovating your space then you should
seek the help of a designer. A designer has more knowledge with regard to design specifications and will be able to give input on the layout of your house. A contractor will only do what you tell him to do and will not be able to give the much needed advice.

4. Customer Centric and availability
When hiring someone to do the renovations project for you it is good to know that your hired contractor or designer is readily available to answer your questions and ready to give you choices on matters of furnishings, fixtures and the like. They should also be able to give updates on a timely manner on changes done on the renovation plan, progress on the work being done and more. They should also be able to provide post renovation service such as repairing of work done.

5. Satisfaction guarantee
In the end whatever comes out of your renovation project is partly due to your own
decisions. Make sure that you are not fickle minded and that every choice you make is an absolute and final one. Also be very sure that you 100 percent trust your contractor or designer as we all know renovation projects can be very expensive most especially when you choose only the best. Always remember that you cannot economize on a renovation especially if this is a lifelong change.

6. DIY
Bottom line is, you are the captain of your ship and the last word will be yours. If you are renovating just a small room or space and you have creative juices running in your veins then why not do it on your own. It might be scary at first since you do not have the expertise of a designer but you just have to trust your instincts. Remember you get to experience firsthand how to renovate on your own, you get to go shopping for your needs or make use of materials available to you without spending. You can never go wrong with DIY and if it does you can start all over again or hire help. You can do it!

Renovating or remodeling is such a tedious task most especially if you have a set budget in mind. The idea of going over your budget can be very stressful and can give you sleepless nights. The best way is to find someone who can work within your budget and give you realistic quotations on the job that needs to be done. Also look for companies that would give you a good deal.

Look into packages that would sometimes include a designer and contractor who would do the renovation project. Although sometimes there are packages that would only include a designer as they can do almost anything a contractor can do. They also put all their time and effort in following through with the owners of the renovation project as compared to a contractor.

Always remember that renovating is not cheap. If you get to find one that is cheap in comparison to the others be very careful because the end product may not be what you are expecting it to be. Hiring cheap contractors or designers may only cost you more money because of the quality of work. You may have to spend more to repair the wrong work done.

To sum it all up, if budget is still the main issue for you, then the best way to go is to hire a contractor. They are less expensive and are good for small scale renovations. But if you are planning on a major change or a total overhaul for your renovation then you should hire a designer who provides great service and follows through on your renovation project.

In the end it is all up to you and the final decision is still yours. Scout for great deals and make sure that you check on reviews on each deal you find remember that you are greatly accountable for all the decisions you make and that you don’t want to be living in regret over a renovation project that has gone sour.

Choose wisely! Hire only the best! Good luck on your renovation journey!