Monday, 10 October 2016

Office Renovation - Where Do I Start?

The renovation of any business premise not only provides it a fresh look but also revitalize the business space with renewed energy. The renovation of an office in Singapore can be made successful, without disturbing the work in the office unnecessarily, by arranging lots of things in advance.

You will have to plan lots of things in advance before actually starting renovating your office, whether it is the office of a major business or small that needs to be renovated. The task of a workplace renovation seems to be easy and uncomplicated if pan the things in advance. But if you start renewal without proper planning then it can be a very daunting task. Some tips are provided here under to make the overhaul of your headquarter easy and successful

Set your goals clearly
While renovating your office it is important to set your goals clearly before implementing the plans. It will help in avoiding several shortcomings in your renovation plan. So for this purpose you along with your assistants should design the renovation objectives. You should ask certain questions from yourself, while renovating your existing office or a new office space, like the effect of renovation on the working of the staff, how much renovation is required in the office, who will supervise renovation work, can office operation be continued during renovation or the renovation should be cosmetic or functional by nature. All these questions will help you in setting your goals regarding renovating your office space.

Know the reason of renovating your office
You should also know the reason for which you are planning to renovate your office so that you can set your goals more precisely. The reason of renovating a workspace can be to improve its aesthetics, make it more functional, preparing it for new functionalities, installation of new technologies or updating the system of the infrastructure. Moreover before starting the renovation of the office, you should identify your priorities and divide the stuff of the office into two parts- what you really need in future and that is no longer needed in your office. Such upfront decisions will help you in reducing the cost of office renovation.

Plan about the future of your office
Though you can resolve the structural problems of your office by renovating it but you will have to spend some time to think about the arrangement of the money required for this purpose. In this situation you should also keep in mind the long term benefit of the renewal of the workplace even if it is a time and money consuming process. You should also ensure that this renovation should create space for the future growth of the office so that you can easily adapt the latest technologies in future, if you are planning to stay in this office for long time.

Prepare a careful budget
It is important to prepare budget for any kind of renovation whether it is for an office or residential property. It helps you adjust some unexpected expenses during the process as each budget has some provisions for such unplanned expenses even if it has been prepared very carefully by considering all the planned expenses. You can easily adjust several minor or major changes if your budget is a bit overestimated, at least up to 10% of the total estimate. You should also consider the provision for financial incentives and tax credits while setting your budget.

Schedule the project of office renovation
In order to reduce the impact of your office renovation project on the working of most of your staff you should schedule it in such a way so that the working least of your staff gets affected for minimum time period. You should include the requirement of scheduling the work in the contract so that the work of your office gets least disturbance.

Know what you actually need
Sometimes you need some additions and alterations in your office which your budget does not allow. In such condition you should focus on the needs of your office along with identifying your own needs before starting the renovations. In the due course, you can be able to make renovations as per your personal needs as many unplanned things are adjusted until the completion of the project.

Be patient
During the continuation of renovation work your office will remain messy for some time. You will have to be patient until the project allows you to work in a safe and workable environment. So instead of checking the progress of the work daily you should check if occasionally so that you can know the level of progress. But spending too much time for it can disturb your office work as well as annoy the contractor.

Be prepared for the worst
As discussed above, you should overestimate your budget by at least 10% to adjust various unforeseen and emergency expenses, as in any renovation. You will have to face certain unforeseen expenses even if the professional service you have engaged has warned you about expected problems in advance. So before starting refurnishing of your workplace you should check the number of renovations has been done in that building so that you can identify some of the unforeseen problems like the use of asbestos or lead paint that can later on increase the cost of your project.

Sell the unusable things 
After making all the arrangements, before starting renovation in your office, you will have to dispose of the unusable things or the things you were not using since long either by selling them or destroying them. If you destroy them then you will have to give up the cash you can generate by selling them. So if the things, you have separated as unusable for you, can be used by others then instead of destroying them you should sell them to some actual user or to some local scrap business. Thus by selling such things you will not only earn some additional money but also reduce congestion in your office.

In this way by following the tips provided in this write-up you can make your office renovation successful in Singapore.