Thursday, 17 December 2015

9 Brilliant Idea to Make Your Condo More Spacious

A condo is a very common form of housing for many Singapore residents. Increasing population has made getting a spacious house difficult and the few that are available are expensive. To solve the housing predicament, one must come up with creative ways to maximize limited space. A condo is generally small but with the right skills and techniques you can make it appear large and more spacious. Various techniques can be used to make your condo look spacious including painting and lighting techniques. 

The following are 9 brilliant ideas to make your condo more spacious:

Create illusions
Illusions are often used to make something look different from what actually it is. There are certain aspects that can be used to create a bigger illusion of your condo. Stripes for instance are used to make objects look longer and you can use these on your floor. Using a stripped carpet will make your room appear longer the actual size. Another way of creating illusions is the use of mirrors. Placing two large mirrors in the opposite side of your room is another way of giving the room a larger space illusion.

Make use storage spaces
This is the basic step when it comes to creating extra space. To create space, you must get rid of items that are taking away your space. These may include clothes, shoes and other items that are taking up your space floor. The concept of removing unwanted items does not necessary mean throwing them away but you can put them neatly together. For instance, the use of closets and racks is one way of creating extra space. Once you put your clothes in a closet and your shoes in racks, you will be creating extra space on the floor.

Use lighter colored paint on walls
Lighter paint on walls works magic when it comes to making a room look bigger. This is because of a simple concept of reflection and lighter colors are known for reflecting light. Reflection of light makes the walls look bigger as opposed to using darker colors on walls. Darker colors may be preferably to some people but they are not a good option when trying to make a room look bigger. Darker walls absorb all the light in the room and although this creates coziness, it makes the room appear even smaller than the actual size.

Go slow on decorations
If you love showcasing your decorations, you may think twice before trying to put all of them on your wall. If you are working with a small room a lot of decorations make the place look disorganized and clumsy. You may have a variety of beautiful pieces but no one will see them if you place them all at once. A good idea is placing few decorations at a time to prevent the clumsy and disorganized look. You may even consider putting one type of decoration once in a while instead of putting everything together.

Creative furniture arrangement
There are no rules when it comes to arranging your home and furniture so it is time to get creative and go out of the norm. For instance, you don’t have to put sofa seats in your sitting room just like everyone else. Get creative and use arm chairs in place of sofas, they occupy less space and they are unique. In your bedroom, you don’t have to put a chair and table if you don’t need them. Arrange your house according to your special needs and not according to the norm of what people have been doing.

Use light colors as match as possible
We know light colored walls give a larger illusion and it turns out that it is not only walls. It is advisable to use at match lighter colors ad possible. For instance, you can use lighter colors for your storage spaces and these will complement your walls giving an additional illusion of larger space. Your counter spaces and other simple furniture used around the home can be paired with lighter colors. All these factors combined together will give your room a more spacious look.

Keep away want you don’t need
You don’t have to put all furniture in your room at all times. You can put some furniture in the store to save for times when you will be hosting visitors. This will free some space that may be useful for other purposes in your home. If you are worried about storing furniture, you can invest in furniture pieces that take very little pieces. For example we have chairs and tables that can be folded. You can store your chairs and tables in a safe area and then arrange them well in your space when you have guests or when you require more sitting space.

Bring your creativity in your lighting
Lighting is another element that affects the way your room looks and it can give many impressions. If lighting comes from one source, for example the overhead bulb, your room will look smaller because all the light is concentrated in one place. To create an impression of a spacious room, adopt the idea of distributing light all over the room. If light is coming from different parts of the room, it will appear bigger because of reflection. The type of bulbs used should also be of a lighter color as this brings some softness into the room.

Use corner spaces wisely
Corners should never be ignored especially when trying to make your room spacious. Some corners may be hidden, but they still serve the same purpose as other spaces of the room. Corner walls can be utilized by making them storage spaces. For example, you can make creative shelves at the corner where you place your books and decorations. An upcoming trend of corner sofas has even made this easier. There are modern sofa seats that can be placed in corner walls leaving the space of your room free.

Making your condo spacious is more about creativity and knowing how to utilize your space well. Using a combination of these essential skills will make your limited space sufficient for all your needs.