Sunday, 25 October 2015

Is Roller Blinds Suitable For HDB?

The HBD initiative in Singapore is unparalleled in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. HBD housing initiative is among the most successful projects the country has offered to its citizens. If you have recently moved to Singapore from a different country for business or work, you could see yourself move into different types of HBD apartments and flats. After you have found your new home, the next step is decorating it. In house decoration, the most common dilemma that most new HBD owners or renters face is choosing window treatments; whether to use roller blinds or curtains. Selecting the type of window treatment for your HBD house can be exciting and overwhelming.

Curtains, from time in memorial, have been the accepted norm in most homes due to their wide-ranging designs, materials and elegance. On the other hand, blinds have become very popular in Singapore due to their practicality and functionality.

Here is a comparative analysis to help you in the search for the best window treatment;


Curtains and blinds act as a control for privacy and light. Blinds here take the lead. Blinds are very functional when it comes to design. It is easy to control the amount of light entering a specific space with easy precision control. Blind slats have also been designed to prevent the inside view of the home and allow only natural light to seep through. On the other hand, curtains are difficult to control. You have to close the curtains fully to block the view into your flat. This can be difficult in HBD flats and apartments where spaces are constricted. Privacy and light flow are a challenge in HBDs.

Initial Investment

In terms of money, roller blinds are more affordable as compared to curtains. They are easily available online and in home improvement stores. Curtains can be quite expensive and often require re-customization. Roller blinds can be bought through service providers who offer free installation services while curtain designs have to purchased from custom and artisan shops.

Decorative Element

The blinds found in Singapore homes are highly armored with both the economic and simplistic effects of blinds. Over the past few years, blinds have become available in the market in different types and styles. They now have a slew and valance of other window treatments that accentuate the space and deliver a stylish look. You can have roman blinds or roller blinds, wood, plastic and any other decorative materials. They are able to provide a luxurious feel at an affordable price

Curtains are also renowned for the luxurious feel they give a home. They are also available in different materials, fabric, size and colors and can be customized to suit one's style. You can settle on sheer curtains for the kitchen areas to enable natural light to seep in and have full heavy coverage in the bedrooms and sitting rooms for a relaxing feel. There is no doubt that there is a full spectrum of decorative options that curtains and blinds bring to HBDs.


When we get to cleaning, washing curtains can be hard for a HBD flat. Curtains can be heavy and need a substantial amount of heat and light to dry. Sometimes, you will be forced to send them to washers who deal with curtain specialization in order to preserve the color and the fabric. However, blinds are easier to maintain. Weekly wiping and dusting of the slats can be done using a microfiber duster to get rid of debris and dust.


DIY curtain installation can be a difficult process. Unless you own handling power tools, putting hooks, curtain rods and screws in place can be a challenge. Although the installation of roller blinds can be complicated when done on your own, you have an option of purchasing blinds with free installation from local retailers. The installation comes as a package when you buy the blinds.


Your budget will always come on top. HBD homeowners choose blinds because of their budget friendliness, low maintenance and multi-functionality. With the wide variety of types and styles of roller blinds available today, find the one that suits your style is very easy.

If you decide on roller blinds for your HBD, it is important to look at these factors;

Bright colors

Singapore can be quite hot and humid. While air-conditioners may help you escape the heat, bright and colorful roller blinds will help to keep the heat at bay.


Pick the roller blinds made of comfortable and light materials like linen or cotton. They are light but long-lasting and strong.