Wednesday, 24 June 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire An Interior Designer

There is a saying that states that a change is sometimes as good as rest. This is why most people opt to go for a different look to their home or workplace as a means of breaking the monotony that does sometimes infringe on everyday life. Choosing the interior design of a home does not only offer an activity that can occupy you for a considerable duration of time, but also offers the chance for you to reinvent yourself. However, this is not a task that anyone should embark on just from just a flight of fancy.

Altering the interior design of a room or coming up with the design of a previously empty room is a task that should be embarked upon only after careful deliberation. Once you have decided exactly what you need to be done to the room, then the next step is to procure the services of an interior designer. One might imagine that going directly to the contractor and skipping the interior designer is the best and cheaper option. However, in the long run this decision tends to prove be quite contrary to expectations. Below are the six reasons why you should always hire an interior designer.

1. Professional viewpoint
In the scenario where the home owner by-passes the interior designer, it becomes a substantial challenge for the home owner to adequately convey what he or she wants to the contractor. The eventual outcome after the job is completed is for home owner to feel that he or she has been conned. Even in instances where the home owner might be initially satisfied with the job, after subsequent deliberation with family member and quests might reveal flaws with the work. Such design flaws might actually end up costing more to correct. Furthermore, such corrections might end up lowering the initial value of the home. This is why it is prudent to hire an interior designer. Only by hiring an interior designer is the home owner able to translate his or her thoughts into the exact equivalent in executable tasks. The final outcome of such a course of action is a structurally and aesthetically sound interior design job for your home.

2. Money and Time Savings
Most contractors will not try to economize on material required on an interior design job for the home. This is mainly because some of these contractors desire to exploit the home owner by inflating the quantities and prices of materials used. This is why home owners who go direct to the contractor end up paying way more in terms of material costs that would be the case had an interior designer is hired. Even where the home owner is lucky and hires an honest contractor, the chances that a higher material cost than normal is almost guaranteed. This is because the contractor and home owner will end up wasting material while trying to realize a desired design concept. Only by hiring an interior designer is home owner able to get a reliable estimate of the materials needed for the interior design job and exactly what needs to be done. This saves time and money.

3. Relegating Supervision
In a scenario where the home owner is dealing directly with the contractor, instances where disagreements arise between the two are more that inevitable. This is mainly due to the inability of the home owner to translate his or her desires into equivalent tasks that the contractor is able to execute. The home owner might end up being quite emotionally distressed by the time the interior design job is complete. In such a situation the home owner and contractor are bound to collide on issues of material costs and time needed for the completion of particular tasks. However, by hiring an interior designer the home owner is able to relegate the duty of supervision of the job to the interior designer who then ensures the job is efficiently and expediently carried out.

4. Greater Harmony
It might prove to be quite a challenge for the home owner to maintain harmony in the interior design of the entire house for all the rooms and exterior features of the home. This is why it is paramount to procure the services of an interior designer. The professional training of the interior designer will ensure the interior design of each of the rooms is consistent with the design of the entire house. The interior designer is able to suggest ways in which the apparently conflicting interior design themes in different part of the house can be seamlessly integrated. A house that exhibits harmony in the interior design themes in the different rooms and features of the home is bound to attract a higher price in the advent the home owner decides to sell the house. Conflicting interior designs have a great potential in lowering the selling price of the house as a whole.

5. Valuable contacts
An advantage of hiring an interior designer is seen in that the interior designer can be a source of valuable contacts to the home owner. This is quite handy where a planned interior design job involves an extensive amount of work. Having carried out similar jobs in the past, the interior designer is bound to have contacts for contractors dealing with hard masonry work such as the demolition of partition walls, roofing contractors where the roof needs modifications or extensions and carpenters where existing furniture needs modification. He or she will also have the contacts for the suppliers of the various furnishings needed for job. These contacts will go a long way in reducing both the time and cost of the entire interior design job.

6. Added value
The final reason of hiring an interior designer is realized for the fact that hiring a professional interior designer adds value to the home as a whole. First and foremost the final interior design job is more harmonious in its structural and esthetic essence. Secondly potential buyers of the home will have fewer qualms in paying extra for modifications made through the aid of a professional interior designer.

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