Thursday, 17 December 2015

9 Brilliant Idea to Make Your Condo More Spacious

A condo is a very common form of housing for many Singapore residents. Increasing population has made getting a spacious house difficult and the few that are available are expensive. To solve the housing predicament, one must come up with creative ways to maximize limited space. A condo is generally small but with the right skills and techniques you can make it appear large and more spacious. Various techniques can be used to make your condo look spacious including painting and lighting techniques. 

The following are 9 brilliant ideas to make your condo more spacious:

Create illusions
Illusions are often used to make something look different from what actually it is. There are certain aspects that can be used to create a bigger illusion of your condo. Stripes for instance are used to make objects look longer and you can use these on your floor. Using a stripped carpet will make your room appear longer the actual size. Another way of creating illusions is the use of mirrors. Placing two large mirrors in the opposite side of your room is another way of giving the room a larger space illusion.

Make use storage spaces
This is the basic step when it comes to creating extra space. To create space, you must get rid of items that are taking away your space. These may include clothes, shoes and other items that are taking up your space floor. The concept of removing unwanted items does not necessary mean throwing them away but you can put them neatly together. For instance, the use of closets and racks is one way of creating extra space. Once you put your clothes in a closet and your shoes in racks, you will be creating extra space on the floor.

Use lighter colored paint on walls
Lighter paint on walls works magic when it comes to making a room look bigger. This is because of a simple concept of reflection and lighter colors are known for reflecting light. Reflection of light makes the walls look bigger as opposed to using darker colors on walls. Darker colors may be preferably to some people but they are not a good option when trying to make a room look bigger. Darker walls absorb all the light in the room and although this creates coziness, it makes the room appear even smaller than the actual size.

Go slow on decorations
If you love showcasing your decorations, you may think twice before trying to put all of them on your wall. If you are working with a small room a lot of decorations make the place look disorganized and clumsy. You may have a variety of beautiful pieces but no one will see them if you place them all at once. A good idea is placing few decorations at a time to prevent the clumsy and disorganized look. You may even consider putting one type of decoration once in a while instead of putting everything together.

Creative furniture arrangement
There are no rules when it comes to arranging your home and furniture so it is time to get creative and go out of the norm. For instance, you don’t have to put sofa seats in your sitting room just like everyone else. Get creative and use arm chairs in place of sofas, they occupy less space and they are unique. In your bedroom, you don’t have to put a chair and table if you don’t need them. Arrange your house according to your special needs and not according to the norm of what people have been doing.

Use light colors as match as possible
We know light colored walls give a larger illusion and it turns out that it is not only walls. It is advisable to use at match lighter colors ad possible. For instance, you can use lighter colors for your storage spaces and these will complement your walls giving an additional illusion of larger space. Your counter spaces and other simple furniture used around the home can be paired with lighter colors. All these factors combined together will give your room a more spacious look.

Keep away want you don’t need
You don’t have to put all furniture in your room at all times. You can put some furniture in the store to save for times when you will be hosting visitors. This will free some space that may be useful for other purposes in your home. If you are worried about storing furniture, you can invest in furniture pieces that take very little pieces. For example we have chairs and tables that can be folded. You can store your chairs and tables in a safe area and then arrange them well in your space when you have guests or when you require more sitting space.

Bring your creativity in your lighting
Lighting is another element that affects the way your room looks and it can give many impressions. If lighting comes from one source, for example the overhead bulb, your room will look smaller because all the light is concentrated in one place. To create an impression of a spacious room, adopt the idea of distributing light all over the room. If light is coming from different parts of the room, it will appear bigger because of reflection. The type of bulbs used should also be of a lighter color as this brings some softness into the room.

Use corner spaces wisely
Corners should never be ignored especially when trying to make your room spacious. Some corners may be hidden, but they still serve the same purpose as other spaces of the room. Corner walls can be utilized by making them storage spaces. For example, you can make creative shelves at the corner where you place your books and decorations. An upcoming trend of corner sofas has even made this easier. There are modern sofa seats that can be placed in corner walls leaving the space of your room free.

Making your condo spacious is more about creativity and knowing how to utilize your space well. Using a combination of these essential skills will make your limited space sufficient for all your needs.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Choosing Wisely Between Roller Blinds & Venetian Blinds

Window blinds can add an elegant and sleek look to your home d├ęcor. Although, most blinds offer one basic feature of complete privacy, but there are many other factors that you must consider before deciding which one is best suited for your home. Roller blinds and venetian blinds are two of the most popular types of blinds in Singapore. A closer look at the features of these blinds will help you choose the blind that suits your privacy, interior decoration, and light needs.

Roller blinds

These blinds use a solid piece of fabric, which covers the window entirely. On the sides of these blinds are cords, which are used to raise and lower the blind. As the name suggests, these blinds roll from the top of the window to its bottom.

Venetian blinds

These blinds are made by binding together a series of horizontal slants of 25mm to 50mm width. These slants are bound using a cord at various places across the width and at the ends. Venetian blinds lower from the top of the window to its bottom, and a separate mechanism allows you to move the slants in different angles.

Roller blinds vs venetian blinds

1. Light control and privacy

There is no doubt that maximum room darkening is achieved by installing roller style blinds, but you don’t have the option of increasing light without compromising on privacy. For example, with these blinds you have the option of using translucent fabric, but this means you will not get complete privacy. It means, you will have to use some type of artificial lighting all the time because your room will remain dark.

However, by installing venetian style blinds you will get the freedom of light control without compromising too much on privacy. These blinds give you the option of keeping its horizontal slants at different angles, which is an effective way of controlling privacy while maintaining good levels of lighting inside the room.

2. Looks

Roller blinds don’t add too much to the aesthetic value of your room interiors. If you are using a high-quality fabric, then your blind will look beautiful. However, these blinds use an old type of operating mechanism, which reduces their aesthetic value.

Venetian style blinds are made from slants of various materials like aluminum, PVC or wood. Therefore, they are available in wide-range of textures and colors to suit any type of interior decoration requirement. The variety of attractive designs and styles that you can implement using these blinds are only limited by your imagination.

3. Maintenance and space required

Roller blinds can be installed in a less space when compared to their venetian counterparts. Additionally, roller style blinds remain compact even when they are fully retraced. These blinds are made from fabric and thus you need to wash the fabric every time you want to clean these blinds. There is no chance of any breakage with these blinds, but the fabric can get damaged.

Venetian blinds need extra space in a window recess than their roller counterparts. They also need additional space when you close them. Cleaning slants of venetian style blinds is simple and you can accomplish this task with the help of a cloth or sponge. You also have the option of removing the blinds entirely from the window and let them soak in clean water. However, you have to be careful while cleaning because the slants are thin and can get damaged if handled improperly.

4. Price

If price is a major factor for you, then you should go for roller blinds because they are cheaper to buy, install and maintain.

Venetian blinds might have many benefits, but they are costly to buy and install. Additionally, even if one of the slants is damaged it spoils the look of complete set-up and repair cost can be high.

5. Ease of use

Roller style blinds are easier to operate when compared to venetian style blinds. Therefore, it’s better to install roller blinds at places where children are going to operate the blinds. This will reduce the chances of any damage due to improper handling.

Final decision is yours

When deciding between roller and venetian blinds the final choice depends on various factors like the level of comfort you need, your budget, and your taste. However, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of both the blinds before making a final decision.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Is Roller Blinds Suitable For HDB?

The HBD initiative in Singapore is unparalleled in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. HBD housing initiative is among the most successful projects the country has offered to its citizens. If you have recently moved to Singapore from a different country for business or work, you could see yourself move into different types of HBD apartments and flats. After you have found your new home, the next step is decorating it. In house decoration, the most common dilemma that most new HBD owners or renters face is choosing window treatments; whether to use roller blinds or curtains. Selecting the type of window treatment for your HBD house can be exciting and overwhelming.

Curtains, from time in memorial, have been the accepted norm in most homes due to their wide-ranging designs, materials and elegance. On the other hand, blinds have become very popular in Singapore due to their practicality and functionality.

Here is a comparative analysis to help you in the search for the best window treatment;


Curtains and blinds act as a control for privacy and light. Blinds here take the lead. Blinds are very functional when it comes to design. It is easy to control the amount of light entering a specific space with easy precision control. Blind slats have also been designed to prevent the inside view of the home and allow only natural light to seep through. On the other hand, curtains are difficult to control. You have to close the curtains fully to block the view into your flat. This can be difficult in HBD flats and apartments where spaces are constricted. Privacy and light flow are a challenge in HBDs.

Initial Investment

In terms of money, roller blinds are more affordable as compared to curtains. They are easily available online and in home improvement stores. Curtains can be quite expensive and often require re-customization. Roller blinds can be bought through service providers who offer free installation services while curtain designs have to purchased from custom and artisan shops.

Decorative Element

The blinds found in Singapore homes are highly armored with both the economic and simplistic effects of blinds. Over the past few years, blinds have become available in the market in different types and styles. They now have a slew and valance of other window treatments that accentuate the space and deliver a stylish look. You can have roman blinds or roller blinds, wood, plastic and any other decorative materials. They are able to provide a luxurious feel at an affordable price

Curtains are also renowned for the luxurious feel they give a home. They are also available in different materials, fabric, size and colors and can be customized to suit one's style. You can settle on sheer curtains for the kitchen areas to enable natural light to seep in and have full heavy coverage in the bedrooms and sitting rooms for a relaxing feel. There is no doubt that there is a full spectrum of decorative options that curtains and blinds bring to HBDs.


When we get to cleaning, washing curtains can be hard for a HBD flat. Curtains can be heavy and need a substantial amount of heat and light to dry. Sometimes, you will be forced to send them to washers who deal with curtain specialization in order to preserve the color and the fabric. However, blinds are easier to maintain. Weekly wiping and dusting of the slats can be done using a microfiber duster to get rid of debris and dust.


DIY curtain installation can be a difficult process. Unless you own handling power tools, putting hooks, curtain rods and screws in place can be a challenge. Although the installation of roller blinds can be complicated when done on your own, you have an option of purchasing blinds with free installation from local retailers. The installation comes as a package when you buy the blinds.


Your budget will always come on top. HBD homeowners choose blinds because of their budget friendliness, low maintenance and multi-functionality. With the wide variety of types and styles of roller blinds available today, find the one that suits your style is very easy.

If you decide on roller blinds for your HBD, it is important to look at these factors;

Bright colors

Singapore can be quite hot and humid. While air-conditioners may help you escape the heat, bright and colorful roller blinds will help to keep the heat at bay.


Pick the roller blinds made of comfortable and light materials like linen or cotton. They are light but long-lasting and strong.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Is It Advisable To Install Ceiling Fan In Bedroom?

Giving value to that hard-earned cash is to spend it in items that you are going to benefit from especially comfort and convenience. One of the things a person can buy is the ceiling fans. They are great inventions that anyone can always incorporate into his or her place. This important home appliance has offered satisfaction to many property owners for over one hundred years. The fans have been circulating air in many homes giving comfort for their daily living.

While a person may have a centralized cooling system within his space, ceiling fans are just captivating and should not be ignored. Those who were born during the days when air conditioners were the predominant cooling solutions into every indoor space should know the exciting and beneficial features of ceiling fans.
Most of the ceiling fans have reverse switches and this makes them useful whole-year round. For example during hotter days, the fan can provide a cooler ambiance in the rooms by switching the blades to rotate in to a counter-clockwise motion. This can help a home owner to save four to eight per cent of the air-conditioning expenses. And during colder nights, the fans can circulate a warmer air when the blades are switched in clockwise movement and this can also help home owners to save up to two per cent on heating expenses.
The saving feature of the ceiling fans help homeowners a lot when it comes to the budget. A person can provide comfort to his or her own house without spending a lot on the power bill.
Benefits of bedroom ceiling fans
When it comes to bedroom decoration, there are several things to be considered. Every homeowner definitely expects the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. Apart from sleeping, bedrooms can also be used as an escape after the tiredness and the exhaustion of daily routines. When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, bedroom ceiling fans is an excellent option for your bedroom. 
Bedroom ceiling fans are reasonably priced and easy to install, whether you are a DIY person or hire a professional to do it for you. If you want to enhance your bedroom, below are some things you should consider when it comes to ceiling fans.

· Ceiling fans add a beautiful, decorative touch to the room. They are designed in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any bedroom. A person can also choose from a wide variety of light fixtures and blade designs to blend with the theme of the bedroom or the entire house. Pull-chains are usually common, but many ceiling fans can be designed to flip on or off with a switch near the bed. Colour schemes of the fans are also varied. A person can get a painted veneer or wood finish, some with designs. The bedroom ceiling fan needs to run smoothly and quietly and not be a distraction.

· Ceiling fans help in cooling the bedroom. Another advantage of having bedroom ceiling fans is they can help in controlling the room temperature. People normally use air conditioners but sometimes there are those who prefer fans to air conditioners. By having temperature control, you can feel the atmosphere as what you want so you can spend all bedroom activities comfortably and enjoyable.

If your house doesn’t have a whole-house cooling or window air conditioner you will like the calm stir of indoor air that makes a room less stuffy. You can enhance this effect by opening a window to combine indoor with outdoor air. Opening 2 windows at the same time can create a cross breeze that your bedroom fan can help in propelling for a more extensive cooling effect. You can adjust ceiling fans that come with various speeds to create a high, medium or low circulating effect, depending on what you prefer for your bedroom. For example, children’s bedroom may not need as much ventilation as adults’ bedrooms.

· Ceiling fans can help in muffling noise. Although most ceiling fans are not intrusive or loud, the soft background whirring from the swish of the blades can cover the sounds that come from other places in the home, such as TV sets in the living room, kitchen dishwashers or blenders, or even a pet's howling when locked in the crate for the night. Those people who work during the night and sleep during the day may particularly appreciate this, along with napping children or those who are light sleepers.

Some people install 2 smaller ceiling fans for larger bedrooms rooms. This helps in keeping air flowing in all parts of the bedroom.
A ceiling fan in the bedroom may help a person to enjoy more restful sleep. Research has shown that most people have better sleep when the temperature of the bedroom is less than 70 degrees. Just remember not to overdo it, particularly for someone who is sick or the elderly. Remember to adjust the movement of the fan to suit users of the particular room.

Bedroom ceiling fans and light
Purchasing the incorporated ceiling fan and light is an added advantage because you will be able to get two benefits at once; therefore, it is a great asset for property value. When you choose the ceiling fans with lights attached, the ceiling fan itself can offer overall lighting and the lamps can provide the ambient lighting or accents lighting. It is also an excellent choice for small bedrooms to make them more efficient and the spaces can be utilised more effective.
Many ceiling fans are designed in different styles from classic to contemporary to modern. Cleaning the ceiling fans is very easy. Just turn them off and wipe the light fixture and blades gently with a clean and soft cloth or a feather duster (using a stepladder).

And to get value for your money, be careful when selecting the ceiling fans and check their durability, style and performance. Ceiling fans do not only make your house cool, but it also makes the home complete particularly when you pair it with the right bedroom lightning.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire An Interior Designer

There is a saying that states that a change is sometimes as good as rest. This is why most people opt to go for a different look to their home or workplace as a means of breaking the monotony that does sometimes infringe on everyday life. Choosing the interior design of a home does not only offer an activity that can occupy you for a considerable duration of time, but also offers the chance for you to reinvent yourself. However, this is not a task that anyone should embark on just from just a flight of fancy.

Altering the interior design of a room or coming up with the design of a previously empty room is a task that should be embarked upon only after careful deliberation. Once you have decided exactly what you need to be done to the room, then the next step is to procure the services of an interior designer. One might imagine that going directly to the contractor and skipping the interior designer is the best and cheaper option. However, in the long run this decision tends to prove be quite contrary to expectations. Below are the six reasons why you should always hire an interior designer.

1. Professional viewpoint
In the scenario where the home owner by-passes the interior designer, it becomes a substantial challenge for the home owner to adequately convey what he or she wants to the contractor. The eventual outcome after the job is completed is for home owner to feel that he or she has been conned. Even in instances where the home owner might be initially satisfied with the job, after subsequent deliberation with family member and quests might reveal flaws with the work. Such design flaws might actually end up costing more to correct. Furthermore, such corrections might end up lowering the initial value of the home. This is why it is prudent to hire an interior designer. Only by hiring an interior designer is the home owner able to translate his or her thoughts into the exact equivalent in executable tasks. The final outcome of such a course of action is a structurally and aesthetically sound interior design job for your home.

2. Money and Time Savings
Most contractors will not try to economize on material required on an interior design job for the home. This is mainly because some of these contractors desire to exploit the home owner by inflating the quantities and prices of materials used. This is why home owners who go direct to the contractor end up paying way more in terms of material costs that would be the case had an interior designer is hired. Even where the home owner is lucky and hires an honest contractor, the chances that a higher material cost than normal is almost guaranteed. This is because the contractor and home owner will end up wasting material while trying to realize a desired design concept. Only by hiring an interior designer is home owner able to get a reliable estimate of the materials needed for the interior design job and exactly what needs to be done. This saves time and money.

3. Relegating Supervision
In a scenario where the home owner is dealing directly with the contractor, instances where disagreements arise between the two are more that inevitable. This is mainly due to the inability of the home owner to translate his or her desires into equivalent tasks that the contractor is able to execute. The home owner might end up being quite emotionally distressed by the time the interior design job is complete. In such a situation the home owner and contractor are bound to collide on issues of material costs and time needed for the completion of particular tasks. However, by hiring an interior designer the home owner is able to relegate the duty of supervision of the job to the interior designer who then ensures the job is efficiently and expediently carried out.

4. Greater Harmony
It might prove to be quite a challenge for the home owner to maintain harmony in the interior design of the entire house for all the rooms and exterior features of the home. This is why it is paramount to procure the services of an interior designer. The professional training of the interior designer will ensure the interior design of each of the rooms is consistent with the design of the entire house. The interior designer is able to suggest ways in which the apparently conflicting interior design themes in different part of the house can be seamlessly integrated. A house that exhibits harmony in the interior design themes in the different rooms and features of the home is bound to attract a higher price in the advent the home owner decides to sell the house. Conflicting interior designs have a great potential in lowering the selling price of the house as a whole.

5. Valuable contacts
An advantage of hiring an interior designer is seen in that the interior designer can be a source of valuable contacts to the home owner. This is quite handy where a planned interior design job involves an extensive amount of work. Having carried out similar jobs in the past, the interior designer is bound to have contacts for contractors dealing with hard masonry work such as the demolition of partition walls, roofing contractors where the roof needs modifications or extensions and carpenters where existing furniture needs modification. He or she will also have the contacts for the suppliers of the various furnishings needed for job. These contacts will go a long way in reducing both the time and cost of the entire interior design job.

6. Added value
The final reason of hiring an interior designer is realized for the fact that hiring a professional interior designer adds value to the home as a whole. First and foremost the final interior design job is more harmonious in its structural and esthetic essence. Secondly potential buyers of the home will have fewer qualms in paying extra for modifications made through the aid of a professional interior designer.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

15 Awesome Facts On Interior Design

How often do you find yourself drooling over the pages of some or other interior decorating magazine or website? I am almost certain that if you are reading this page then the answer would be more than my heart and soul can actually bear! Unfortunately not everyone can afford to hire a professional to do their interior design; but there are a few simple rules that you can follow that could transform that boring room into a gorgeous retreat. If you take the time to follow the basic interior design rules then chances are that even if you’re decorating or decision making skills leave a lot to be desired, then you will successfully create a cohesive look.


Here are just 15 easy steps:

Decide on the function of the room

This is the first step in your design process; defining the primary function of the room will form the basis of all your next steps. For instance if you are decorating a child’s bedroom then you already know what direction your design will need to go.

Start with a blank canvass

Once you have determined what your rooms function is then you need to remove everything from the room; including furniture; curtaining etc. What this does is give you an idea of the amount of space you have at your disposal. However, if you are just looking to spruce up your living room or bedroom then it may not be necessary to remove all the furniture. In this instance, only remove all the smaller items and anything that should not be in the room; e.g. your children’s toy box; or husband’s gym equipment.

Choose your design style

This step may be a bit daunting, but draw inspiration from things that you love or flip through those magazine pages or go to your favorite website to get a few ideas. Just remember that the one rule here is to choose a design and stick with it! For instance if you want a shabby chic bedroom it will be senseless to add a modern stainless steel bed frame to the design.

Create a design board

This can be done by using pictures from a catalogue or magazine; it should contain the size of your room and you will gradually add all the following decisions to the design board before you even start to physically do anything to the actual room. Of course if you are one of those impatient people who just want to get it done, then by all means skip this step. But make sure you have a clear image of what you want your room to look like.

Decide on your basic color scheme

So once you have chosen a design then it will be time to find the right colors for your room. Start with the biggest area, which is normally your wall color; a good idea here is to create a color wheel (or you can get one from your paint store; there are also a few available online, although it may be difficult to see the right color). You will need this to make sure that your colors are cohesive. Once your wall color has been chosen select your ceiling color and then finally your trim and flooring color. If you already have a specific carpet or tile in the room then it is best to match your wall and ceiling colors to these items.

Choose your furniture

This is one area of your interior design process where you will have to decide if you are going to use existing furniture or purchase new items, this will of course depend on your budget. Most homes tend to look cluttered because the furniture is too big for the room, this is a common mistake that people make; rather opt for one large piece of furniture and a few smaller ones. For example, one large couch with two smaller chairs will create a much more elegant space than the usual full three piece lounge suite. Similarly, one or two strategically placed side tables may be more beneficial than a huge table that takes up valuable leg room.

Choose your accessories

Once the bigger items have been chosen it will be time to add your accessories; these will be all the accent pieces such as mirrors; vases; ornaments etc Basically, it will be all the items that add to the overall theme or design or your room.

Choose your soft furnishings

Soft furnishings refer to those items such as your curtains or drapes; scatter cushions; or bedding if you are doing a bedroom.

Create a focal point

Almost every top designer is known for their ability to create a focal point in their interior design plan; whether it is something as small as an accent wall or specific painting. By creating a focal point your design will automatically draw attention to the good things in your room or it can distract from an ugly fixture that cannot be removed.

Cut costs

Finding clever DIY projects to transform existing pieces of furniture is a perfect solution for those who really need to decorate on a budget. There are several decorating sites that have gorgeous projects that are really easy and cheap to achieve.

Splashes of color

If you are renting your home and cannot paint then it may be clever to introduce color by hanging a few paintings or using colorful pillow on a couch to create a different feel.

Increase space

If your space is cramped then a well placed mirror will make the room appear much bigger than it actually is.

Simple designer touches

Fresh flowers placed in a gorgeous glass vase or candles strategically placed can also change the entire ambience of a room.

Furniture placement

Sometimes all a room needs is to have the furniture rearranged to make the space flow better.

Less is more

This is probably the most important interior design rule you should follow. Cluttered spaces will always feel and look disorganized so clear those counter tops; remove unnecessary ornaments and your home will feel like a breath of fresh air.

Unleash your creative instincts and create a home that will put any interior design magazine to shame!