Sunday, 14 January 2018

How to Make Your BTO Look Bigger

Build To Order or BTO flats are flats that Singapore HDB builds based on the demand for housing. This system allows for flats to be built according to demand. The HDB builds the apartment only if people have signed up for at least 70% of flats. There are around 3 to 4 years waiting time once you have applied for the flats and even longer 70% of the flats have not been booked. But the BTO flats are getting smaller and smaller. This is where your creativity comes in to play. You have to come up with creative techniques to make your flat look bigger than it actually is and give the illusion of having a lot of space. Here are 10 tips and tricks for you to follow:

1. Use Simple Light Colors:
You know how wearing clothes of darker color make you look slimmer? Dark colors have the same effect on a room. If you want a house to look bigger, then opt for light colors like whites and beiges. They brighten up the room and make it look bigger. Dark colors also absorb more heat when compared to lighter colors and in Singapore's tropical climate you definitely don't want the house to become hotter.

2. Use Multipurpose Furniture:
Instead of having a bed and a separate cupboard for storage, you can have a bed with some pull-out storage cabinets under the bed. Or you can have a sofa that you can turn into a bed. There is a wide variety of items of furniture that double up as something else. And of course, less furniture equals more space and more space makes the house look bigger.

3. Create Negative Space:
Creating negative spaces will trick you into thinking that a room is bigger than it actually is. The best way to do it is to leave little gaps between the furniture and walls and floors. You can choose furniture with legs. A sofa with legs will definitely give the illusion of space. Items of furniture with exposed legs are also less bulky than the others. The lighter the furniture, the more space you have.

4. Use Mirrors:

Mirrors reflect light and make the room look bigger. Large mirrors placed in strategic locations can make any room look bigger. They also make a room look brighter. Think about gyms and dance studios that have a wall covered with mirrors. The room looks double its size. A mirror has multiple benefits. You can always check yourself out in them, they make the room look bigger and they are also a good decorative item.

While deciding where to place the mirrors, make sure that they are not directly in the path of sunlight. You don't want to accidentally cause a fire in your home or have too much glare that makes it difficult for you to look around the room. But the mirrors should also reflect maximum light. Test out the locations at different times during the day before you finally decide on a location.

5. Lighting:
Instead of having a single source of light in the room, have multiple light sources. Go for ceiling lights and lamps that brighten up the room. Improper lighting creates dark spaces inside the room making it look smaller. When the light sources are spread around evenly in a room, there are no dark spaces available and the room actually looks bigger. It is also better to have a properly lighted home.

6. Monochromatic Color Scheme:
The best way to make a room look bigger is to opt for a monochrome look. Make sure all your furniture belong to the same color family. Monochrome is also an evergreen style statement. Choose a color and get all your furniture in the same color. It solves two problems at the same time. It makes the room look bigger and you don't have to worry about the different colors complementing each other.

7. Have an Open Floor Plan:
Walls make the rooms look smaller. If you remove the wall between your living room and kitchen, you have a bigger space. Keep the same color scheme in both the rooms. It also makes it easy to have conversations with others while you are cooking. This can be very useful when you are having a party or hosting guests and don't want to miss out on the conversation when you are getting things ready in the kitchen.

8. Choose Light Curtains:

While you are choosing curtains for your new home, there are two things you need to keep in mind - the color and the fabric. The color needs to complement with the rest of the furniture in the room. Choose curtains of the same color family as the rest of the furniture. Another key point to remember is the fabric you choose. You don't want the curtains to block out the light coming into the room. Choose lightweight fabrics that let air and light into the room and therefore, make your house look bigger. If you are someone who likes to wake up late in the morning and want a curtain that can block out the sunlight and keep it from waking you up, go for two curtains on the bedroom windows. One made of a light fabric and another with heavy fabric. You can draw them both when you are going to sleep so that you can sleep late into the morning.

9. Use Your Balcony:
You can make your living room look bigger by making your balcony a part of it. If both your balcony and living room have the same flooring, similar furniture, and same color scheme, the balcony will look like an extension of the living room. If you have guests, you can just open the doors to the balcony and your living room instantly becomes bigger.

10. Statement Piece:
A single statement piece of furniture or painting or wall decoration will instantly draw your eyes towards it. A single statement sofa instead of a two-piece or three-piece sofa will make the room appear bigger as you will have more space. Go for a bigger sofa so that you have enough seating space available. A big painting or art piece will also have the same effect in making the room seem bigger.

The tips mentioned above can really make your BTO flat look bigger and brighter. All of these are also very budget friendly and will not leave you broke.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Home Designing Idea That Will Help You Live Your Dream Home

Everybody wants to live in a perfect built home that looks elegant and defines their personality. The issue comes when selecting your home design that will satisfy your preference. It's not a big deal; you only need to concentrate and look around to determine a brilliant home designing idea that will make you feel that you have the dream home that you wanted to dwell you and your family. There is always that awesome home designing idea that suits everybody; everyone has their taste. A good choice is to consider modern home designs that feature functional homes and here are some of the most amazing home design tips which will possibly make your dream home come true.

The Open Floor Design
An open floor design is always an excellent idea as it provides your home with an appeal of having a large occupational area. It turns the living area an entertainment parlor where one can move around without having to squeeze item. It is functional and can hold an event and make your family's life comfortable and also creates an inviting atmosphere where everybody feels at ease and in comfort. An open floor design would be appropriate for modern homes and even suitable for smaller homes as there a way you can come up with an appealing design to make your living entourage appear big thus providing a large space.

Less Is More
This another effective home designing idea that you should check on. A cluttered home is never a good idea as it feels uncomfortable. You should get rid of all items not in use to relieve enough space. Incorporate your home with functional storage such as wardrobes for clothes, cupboards and exclusive shelves so that you can place every item in the order. A proper arrangement of home items make your home appealing and impressive to yourself, and even your guests will adore an organized home. This is another factor that determines your personality too. You can have the storage you want from butler's pantries to walk in robes.

Mix Contemporary with Traditional
Most people adore contemporary home designs as it is the most popular design with modern homes. However, it is a good idea to build a classic home when you mix the design with some traditional touch. It will create a classic appeal that will not outdated for a long time. When you mix the two designs, it will give a sense of beautiful home you have never imagined for your family happiness. Adding some personal touches during the final touches will give you an opportunity to customize the design according to your needs. Some traditional touches help in maintaining your roots and creates a sense of psychological affection that you want to have and be a conservative personality.

Modern Fittings and Fixtures
When coming up with an excellent home designing idea, you need to incorporate the idea of creating a good appearance that you will achieve by selecting the perfect fittings and fixtures that matches your home. Fixtures and fittings come in various designs that are available in your local store. You can choose from colored tiles for your floors, beautiful stainless steel sinks matching basins and lights that provide ample lighting to your home. Every single fitting such as door handles, cabinets, benchtops, appliances should be perfectly chosen to match your perfect home and lifestyle.

When selecting your home designing idea, you need to work with your designer to make a perfect lighting solution. Make sure that the windows are located in the right position to allow adequate light to enter the rooms. Your living room should have ample lighting to reveal the natural beauty you have created by mixing the contemporary and traditional designs. To promote the idea of the natural light, you can choose electrical lighting that creates an excellent appearance when it illuminates on your items. You can blend some colored lighting for different moods and time where you can even create a beach theme in your room by complementing various lighting colors.

Functional Bathrooms
Having the most spacious bathrooms is always one of the essential needs of any person. It makes you feel comfortable taking your showers whereby you can create a large space to have a spacious bathtub. Make sure you install the perfect bathroom fixtures which include appealing floor and wall tiles. You also need to design enough storage for bathroom needs to ensure that there is no single item cluttered around that will make your bathroom create a senseless illusion. In fact, this should be the cleanest place so that you can always feel comfortable.

Incorporate Some Luxury
An elegant home should be built from a perfectly chosen home design. Most people are always scared of the word luxury. You should not think beyond when it comes to luxurious items for your home. You don't have to spend a lot on these items. Many stores offer affordable items that you can choose from so that you can achieve a contemporary sense incorporating your home with unique ideas. A skilled designer will help you select the perfect fittings and fixtures that look luxurious. You can also add some antiques which will make your home appear elegant when you incorporate quality floors, high raised ceilings, and timeless fittings.

Street Appeal

For a perfect home designing solution, you should also consider the outer appearance of your home. There is need to choose a design that complements the environment around your home. Create a beautiful outside having cool shades with some beautiful trees. You need to view your home as beautiful as you want as you approach from a distance in your carb. Incorporate complementing colors and materials that bring a sense of cohesion and an impressive visual appearance around your home.


If you can be able to follow up the above home designing ideas, then you will be able to have the home of your dream you ever wanted for all that time. Designing on your own is not easy especially if you are not an expert. This is the point where you involve professional designers. They are available in your area, and all you need is to make an appointment where you will be able to explain your wishes so that the architecture can incorporate your ideas when designing your home.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Stylish Christmas Design For Your Home

Designing your home for the Christmas holidays can be exhilarating, but it can also be difficult to do it "just right" so that your home doesn't look gaudy or tasteless. To create an atmosphere of sophistication and grace, you really should have a plan before you begin. The Christmas holiday season brings wonderful gifts and gatherings, along with one very unwelcome guest - holiday stress. This year, bypass the usual Christmas home design with some simple, easily executed ideas that can make a home look festive without exhausting the host and hostess.

Tie up Christmas with Bows
That's right; a big batch of ribbons and bows can turn any room into a holiday wonderland. Many designing bows come pre-made with wire ties to make them easy to display. Don't limit colors to red. Choose bows in hues and patterns that complement your home's decor. For example, a gold and purple color combination looks stunning with many traditional home designs, and it gives some out-of-the-ordinary interest. Or choose a homey pattern such as red-and-green plaid ribbons for a home with a Cottage Country scheme. If nothing else works, bring out the metallics; gold, silver, red and green foil ribbons will give plenty of Christmas sparkle to any room.

Tie the bows and ribbons to the backs of chairs, on candlesticks, on the handles of baskets, or even hang them from doorknobs. Attach them to evergreen wreaths, garlands and swags, or wire them to picks and stick them in indoor plants. Look for rugs for sale in colors to complement the bows in order to carry the theme throughout the home d├ęcor.

Set out Holiday Tableware For A Whole Season
Celebrate the season for more than one day. For example, in the United States, annual festivities begin with Halloween on Oct. 31, go through American Thanksgiving in late November and continue through Christmas and New Year's in December. In Hindu countries, the celebration of Holi, the festival of colors and Diwali, the festival of lights, go on for days at a time. Other cultures also have extended holiday seasons. So make every meal a feast of the season by setting out holiday tableware.

These settings don't have to carry the traditional motifs of the season. Any festive-looking dishes from the cupboard can serve the purpose. However, many homeowners like to collect a set of holiday dishes, so choose holiday tableware that coordinates with everyday china. That way, the holiday collection will look great from the moment it's begun. Expand the collection by purchasing new settings each year, and soon there will be a complete holiday tableware set.

Set the Mood With Candlelight
Lots of candles around the house are a quick and easy way to design for holidays. Place groups of candles in the living room, dining room, bathroom, and guest bedroom - any place to create a mood. Even if dinner consists of leftovers, dining by candlelight will make it special. If there are children in the home, always be sure an adult is present when the candles are lit. Also be sure to keep the candles away from any area rugs to avoid fires.

Arrange or Hang Seasonal Plants
Bringing nature inside the home is a beautiful way to celebrate holidays. Even in countries where Christmas comes in the summer, wreaths, swags and garlands still convey the holiday mood, just in different seasonal plants. Artificial wreaths can save money, but a fresh plant decoration with an enticing aroma can make some real Christmas memories.

Hang wreaths on all doors and front windows

If you are a creative kind of person, you can make your own wreaths using all sorts of elements around you. Pine cones, holly leaves, cinnamon barks, bows, flowers, small bags of potpourri, baubles, candy, or perhaps berries are inexpensive and you can easily find them everywhere. They also make your wreaths unique and cheerful. Unfortunately, some of the materials are not meant to be kept for long-term storage. It is great if you have artificial wreaths which can be stored and reused for future Christmases. You can redecorate them every year to get a different look.

Place ribbons in every corner of your house
Ribbons tied into bows can add a cheerful mood to your home. Tie bows on your dining chairs and table, stairways, plants inside and outside the house, silverware, or anywhere you can think of. Red and green are the basic Christmas colors, but you can use others as well. Gold, silver, as well as floral patterned ribbons work well for creating a festive ambiance. Untie the bows and store the ribbons properly after the holiday is over so that you can use them again for future celebrations.

Install colorful lights to enliven the mood
You can create a more festive mood by putting on some colorful lights, whatever your Christmas home design style is. Christmas lights come in many shapes and colors. Combine icicle lights, string lights, rope lights, garland lights, or net lights for indoor and outdoor decoration. To save the energy, choose LED lights for your home. They can save up to 90% of energy compared to conventional lighting. LED lights can be used for up to 200,000 hours, and they save you a lot of money.
Let music fill the air.

Play the Christmas CD collections on your stereo set. Although most Christmas songs might not be altered much for several decades, you can never get bored of them. Many versions of Christmas songs are available to create different moods for different occasions. Cheerful, upbeat songs are perfect for children or welcoming guests.

Creating Christmas scenes such as the Nativity or a Christmas Village on tabletops or other larger flat surfaces will draw your guests to them. You can also have "theme" areas in your home, such as Santa and his elves with a waiting sleigh and reindeer, a miniature "skating pond" using a mirror and artificial evergreen trees, or old-fashioned Christmas carolers with Christmas music playing. If you have small children or animals, you do need to be careful where you place these things, especially if they are valuable or fragile.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Things To Know When Installing Roller Blinds

As we lightly cruise on our way to downtown Singapore, heading out into the midday sun is a bad idea. Especially, when your mode of transportation has an air conditioner unit that resembles radiator. Permitting myself to open the window of the vehicle and let in some cool breeze. Since, Singapore is situated near the equator, obviously, it is the tiniest tropical country. The weather here is hot all year round.

A good way to block out the rays of the sun is a simple and stylish design roller blinds that is easy to operate with various customizable patterns that is fit for the urban jungle workplace or just a simple shade for your living room. Various customers differs in taste from fabric to texture with designs that can match up with any decors, provided that it is currently available.

Before, roller blinds were just an accessory for the window. Blocking any radical beam of sunlight that might pass through, and can interrupt your daily activities. It is a substitute drape, which is low-cost for those homes that can’t afford to buy a proper curtain. It is usually made from bamboo and paper. You can see these mostly hanging from the kitchens and bathrooms.

But in modern times, keeping it simple is the roller blinds role by suspending itself to protect its household from the prying eyes and incoming lights. The manufactures that are behind every blinds had proven that the technological advancements incorporated has some significant changes that affects the way on how we are living.

One proven feat is a European manufacturer that produces eco-friendly blinds and curtains that are passed in testing for harmful substances present that poses a real threat to a person’s health. These substances are textiles that can cause deadly allergies and also made from materials that are harmful to the human body.

There are a handful of popular blind designs, with options presently available that is perfect for any window coverings for homes, workspaces, schools and health care facilities. One example are high-reflectivity window films that help blocks summer heat gain. These reflective films are currently available to be applied by yourself over existing windows. In fact, changing to a hassle-free cleaning and easy to operate blinds is no excuse to trade your bulky curtains for one. There are various decorative options and top of the choice designs that will provide an excellent ambience with superb air quality while not worrying about the carbon footprint that you might be contributing.

Innovation has taught us well that a remote controlled mechanism is the way for better living. Long has gone with the roller blinds with pull on cords, replacing it with a loaded tube with electric motor and switch. A remote control on your hand raises or lowers the blinds without putting too much effort on it.

These are some of the roller blinds that are suited to your needs.

· Double Roller Blinds
Incorporates the filtering of the sun and blocking it altogether. A complete darkness that is suited for your own privacy. Making a great addition to your windows. An innovation that includes two different types of blinds on a single bracket. The twofold component is somewhat identical to the ordinary one, yet the new element of this smart new sort of roller dazzle configuration is that it has another roller tube inside, which implies that you can utilize two distinct sorts of texture in one roller blind. Presently you can appreciate the best of both worlds and consolidate sunscreen blinds.

Underwater Scenes – If you live near any beaches or the ocean, you might consider using this type of pattern. A beach house like home is never complete without a pattern in tandem with the ocean. A combination that is eye catching, as well as relaxing to the senses.

Patterns – It gives life to a simple roller blinds. With a top notch design, your wall will be as lively as you. Pleasing to the eyes especially when accessories are added to it. You’ll never look at your window with distaste ever again. Be sure to pick a magnificent design that is approved by the majority.

Movie, Game or Book Characters – a fan of any movie or game franchise? Why not printing them on your blinds. It will remind you of the countless struggles of your favorite movie character that you can’t stop talking about your friends. With these blinds protecting you from the sun and prying eyes from your neighbors, it can also provide the privacy that you need during the countless nights of internalization of a movie or book character.

Fabric Roller Blinds
Other than providing a complete blockade of the sun, it also provides a delicate stylish feel, texture roller blinds are best at giving security as it's harder to see through the fabric. You have the option to pick a darker tone if a decent night rest is the thing that you badly need.

Blackout Roller Blinds
One of the blinds which is extremely good in blocking out all light. Extraordinarily useful for nurseries, media rooms, and even rooms when you need to rest in or taking a relaxing nap. Blackout roller blinds hold back before adding up to light, and offers plenty of styles and light-control choices. A guaranteed method for getting the dimness that you can best rest in, a few people simply don't rest soundly with even the smallest of flickering light. These are likewise good for protecting your home resources from the sun's hurtful beams. Most are developed from vinyl, which can keep going for long with simple cleaning. They can be promptly bought from stores.

Kitchen Roller Blinds
The kitchen is one of the most important room of your home, so it's truly vital to ensure every last bit of this space is loaded with light during day, while staying comfortable and warm around the evening. Using blinds that are simple to clean regardless of the possibility that for oil in the air messing up your kitchen. You may request fire repellent texture for added wellbeing to your home. The best shading would be one that matches your present settings. Numerous kitchens have an entryway and a window, however that doesn't mean you need to choose conflicting plans. In case you're stressed over protection, at that point a choice with braces is ideal for you. Wood makes a beautiful impact wherever it is utilized, however genuine wood risks distorting in hot and hot conditions.

Monday, 25 September 2017

The Ideal Types of Office and Home Interior That Suit Your Need

Office interior is just as significant regardless of their location. It does not matter whether the office is established in a corporate building or at home. In both instances, a lot of proper planning and forethought will provide the excellent results. The elegant office should be safe and comfortable, attractive and functional with everything in its best place for ease of use and maximum productivity. Apparently, an office with a single won't suit every kind of business though there are no rules that are set to govern what constitutes the ideal office style.

Consider the office style of your local artwork and compare it with the office style of a high-tech artistic or creative director - do they have something in common? When you visualize them correctly? Presumably not, these offices have the different function to perform, and the office style will exhibit that because the best office of any company will reflect the company itself.

The office purpose and person who is utilizing it will influence its interior arrangement. For instance, an office that needs one workstation for one part-time manual worker won't have the same design or practical issues as a big office that hires many of people to do sophisticated administrative duties.

A modern office interior would normally be a preferred choice for dynamic and high-tech businesses at the lead of technology because it befits the image of an organization that is advancing and at the digital specialization of their field. Furthermore, a more classic interior might befit the offices of conventional type. And of course, a more casual and informal design would probably be more suitable for the manual trade or local artwork professions.

Nevertheless, there are no fast and hard rules as it is just a matter of available budget and personal preference. An office is classified into two types depending on their size and administrative structure.
Some major factors to consider before selecting any fittings, fixtures or styles for any type of office and home interior include:

* The type of business or work to be carried out in the office
*The number of equipment it requires to hold and the area of floor space available.
*The type and number of staff likely to occupy the office
* If any customers want to visit the office
*Available budget

Setting up an office can be the real pleasure if you comply with simple key points that can considerably increase your productivity of your office.

Here are some of the types of office and home interior used for renovation, home renovation you should consider.

1. Home Office Furniture
Furniture can be the backbone of any office. Depending on the features of your services you will need different kinds of furniture decor. Flexible working policies and advances in technology and have enabled many people to work from the "home office" and home.

Furniture must be durable, sturdy and functional to be used for time.

Most of the materials used to build office furniture should remain reusable and recyclable. The chair is one of the most expensive properties in an office.

Desks and Chairs:
Choose office chairs and desks that are ergonomically correct and resemble the entire work area.

Limited office space can appear smaller and filled with mismatched business fittings. Select desks that offer maximum floor space and storage space.

The modular furniture is and costs time efficient. Also, the various shapes and patterns can be molded for the modular furniture.

If your business requires taking prospect into your home office then it is necessary that the arrangement of the office reflects an atmosphere of your business professionalism, it also provides an impression of how capable you or even your identity.

For instance, if your business creates arts-related stuff and graphics then you will need a complete set of special furniture and drawing boards.

2.Hidden Wire Guides
The major challenge influence the corporate office's design is handling the cables and cords that are required for workers to accomplish their daily tasks. The designers must deal with the problem by building wire guide and cable channel to hide them from view. Installing cable channels and wire guides at the edge of each cubicle or desk retains those cables tidy and neat

3.Quality office lighting
Productivity in an office setting depends on the proper lighting. Installing a quality lighting system in the office environment makes for a safe workplace and comfortable. A variety of factors affecting the quality of light in the office are quantity, contrast, and brightness all influence work productivity.

The contrast ratio between the visual target, the background and the worker is an essential factor. The illumination on working area needs to be thrice brighter than the closely surrounding area.

A computer-oriented environment requires good lighting fixtures. Task lighting, indirect lighting, and overhead lights can cause the eye to strain. All people should pay attention to indoor lighting. Lighting should be fixed for the ideal working conditions.

Natural sunlight should be given the priority in the office space. When selecting your office location ensures that your office receives quality natural sunlight.

On the other hand, artificial lighting is required for the office space. The normal practice is to use indirect or diffused lighting.

Of this type, the real light source is no longer directly visible. The light is emitted to a bright surface and glossy which then gets reflected to form an even diffused light in the surrounding area. This arrangement works well for offices because it doesn't create glare that may cause distress in your office space.

4.Plants for green office interior

Plants at the chosen positions and of chosen type can considerably add "life" to your office. The best recommendation would be color loving average side plants that need less maintenance and water.
The shade-loving flowering plants should be used for the same purpose. The biggest advantage of flowering plants in all type of office is that it changes its look depending on the flower-bearing season, thus providing your Office with the elegant interior looks a "new appearance" without any work on your part.

5.Environmental-friendly Flooring
Cork can be the only option as it is commonly microbial and gives insulation and excellent cushioning

• Cork and bamboo are the good material used to build office floor because of them both contain no additives and biodegradable. Bamboo is more durable and stain-resistant than many other species of hardwood flooring

6. Color Schemes

Just like the other factors, color schemes for your office interior will have a major influence on your performance mindset. Dull colors such a shades of black and gray should be avoided to ensure that office renovation is accomplished. Also, avoid using too much light in the office.

The best option would be blue and white. White is a well-balanced color, and the color blue forms a cool ting to the whole office scene. An excellent office interior will enable your office to become functional. It also reflects the fits purpose of the special business occurs in that office.

Most importantly, the typical home interior won't interfere with your functions and routines of the activities, it will be fully functional, thoughtfully designed, and will integrate harmoniously.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Interior Designer or Contractor—who do I hire?

Finally a new home and you’re excited to renovate! But first things first—before moving in to your new home or office you have to go through a lot of things like designs, layout and renovation. And the question that comes into mind is “should I hire an interior designer or a contractor?”

First we have to know what each one does differently to make our decisions easier.

Interior Designer

· A one stop shop who is able to do everything from giving out ideas, designs and renovation works.

· Coordinates and manages the renovation project

· Provides design ideas depending on your personal requirements


· Generally only execute the renovation work requested by the homeowners.

· Would sometimes have to hire a sub-contractor to do specific tasks to carry out the work e.g. Electrician, Plumber etc.


· does the work of the contractor who cannot do the job but is responsible for

· task based contract e.g. plumber, electrician

So now that we got that out of the way here are a few more tips to help you with your renovation project. First thing to consider is:

1. Budget
Renovation decisions are first and foremost based on this and an Interior Designer and a Contractor differ greatly on pricing. An Interior Designer provides floor plans and 3D sample drawings to their clients. The Interior Designer charges a bit steeper than a Contractor but their fee include the time and the effort that goes into planning and managing your renovation project. A Contractor will not do the above mentioned services and will do only what he is told but if you’re working on a tight budget hiring a contractor can be the right one for you.

2. Scope of work to be done
First you have to decide what exactly you want done in your renovation project. Are
you looking into changing the look of your new home or office? Or are you just looking into doing some minor carpentry works? If you plan on doing the latter then it would be best to just hire a contractor but if you have plans on changing the design then you should hire an interior designer who has more expertise on that side of renovation.

3. Space Planning and Design 
If you have doubts as to how big you plan on renovating your space then you should
seek the help of a designer. A designer has more knowledge with regard to design specifications and will be able to give input on the layout of your house. A contractor will only do what you tell him to do and will not be able to give the much needed advice.

4. Customer Centric and availability
When hiring someone to do the renovations project for you it is good to know that your hired contractor or designer is readily available to answer your questions and ready to give you choices on matters of furnishings, fixtures and the like. They should also be able to give updates on a timely manner on changes done on the renovation plan, progress on the work being done and more. They should also be able to provide post renovation service such as repairing of work done.

5. Satisfaction guarantee
In the end whatever comes out of your renovation project is partly due to your own
decisions. Make sure that you are not fickle minded and that every choice you make is an absolute and final one. Also be very sure that you 100 percent trust your contractor or designer as we all know renovation projects can be very expensive most especially when you choose only the best. Always remember that you cannot economize on a renovation especially if this is a lifelong change.

6. DIY
Bottom line is, you are the captain of your ship and the last word will be yours. If you are renovating just a small room or space and you have creative juices running in your veins then why not do it on your own. It might be scary at first since you do not have the expertise of a designer but you just have to trust your instincts. Remember you get to experience firsthand how to renovate on your own, you get to go shopping for your needs or make use of materials available to you without spending. You can never go wrong with DIY and if it does you can start all over again or hire help. You can do it!

Renovating or remodeling is such a tedious task most especially if you have a set budget in mind. The idea of going over your budget can be very stressful and can give you sleepless nights. The best way is to find someone who can work within your budget and give you realistic quotations on the job that needs to be done. Also look for companies that would give you a good deal.

Look into packages that would sometimes include a designer and contractor who would do the renovation project. Although sometimes there are packages that would only include a designer as they can do almost anything a contractor can do. They also put all their time and effort in following through with the owners of the renovation project as compared to a contractor.

Always remember that renovating is not cheap. If you get to find one that is cheap in comparison to the others be very careful because the end product may not be what you are expecting it to be. Hiring cheap contractors or designers may only cost you more money because of the quality of work. You may have to spend more to repair the wrong work done.

To sum it all up, if budget is still the main issue for you, then the best way to go is to hire a contractor. They are less expensive and are good for small scale renovations. But if you are planning on a major change or a total overhaul for your renovation then you should hire a designer who provides great service and follows through on your renovation project.

In the end it is all up to you and the final decision is still yours. Scout for great deals and make sure that you check on reviews on each deal you find remember that you are greatly accountable for all the decisions you make and that you don’t want to be living in regret over a renovation project that has gone sour.

Choose wisely! Hire only the best! Good luck on your renovation journey!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Things to Consider For Choosing the Best Interior Design Styles

Whether you are planning to change the looks of your existing home or moving to a new location it is always advisable to choose the best interior design company to give it a stylish look as it will not only reflect your lifestyle but also your personality. A well designed interior of a residential space will allow its occupants to live comfortably along with maximise the efficient use of its existing space. It will also make the visual appeal of your home livelier. Some of the top benefits of choosing the best interior design company for home styles are provided her under for your consideration.

Assessment of your space by professionals: One of the main benefits of hiring an interior design company for styling your home is that their professionals will assess the creative possibilities for the space available in your home. It will help them in making a solid plan for designing its interior. The design plan created after the assessment of your space will help you to know what adjustments can make it more practical and efficiently functional for you. Such things can be handled easily by some qualified and experienced professional design company only.

Planning and budgeting: Only a professional company dealing in home styles can understand the importance of completing the renovation of your interior within your budget. A qualified and experienced designer knows how to control the cost of renovation by cutting additional costs along with contacting dependable suppliers. In this way they can help you in improving the value of your home by making good financial decisions.

Understanding the worth of changes: The highly skilled team of professional designers of a reputed interior design company can provide you unexpected results while renovating the interior of your home as they think differently according to the available space. This different thinking can provide you a design with x-factor you were searching since long.

Avoid costly mistakes: Sometimes people make several mistakes while planning their home styles on their own, without consulting experienced professional designers, which can cost heavily in the long run. Such mistakes can be avoided by using the expertise of the professional designing company as they can help in making smart decisions while renovating the interior of your home. They will provide the best suitable design for its interior along with the ways to invest on it within you budget. If you want to make some modifications in their plan even then they will help in adjusting your requirements to give a livelier interior.

In this way, well designed interior home styles can help you to get a better space to live in along with using it better than before for a considerable time period in future. After hiring an interior design company it becomes their responsibility to include your requirements, tastes and characteristic changes you want in their designs. In fact their designs will reflect your personality along with your taste.

Some of the popular interior designs in home styles are briefly discussed here under from which you can choose and suggest your professional designers to plan on those lines.

Contemporary: Contemporary home styles can be the best choice for your home if you want to go with the current styles. As per the definition of contemporary, the designs that are popular at present can be included in it. In other words, your interior can have tasteful mixture of different eras as they go on changing consistently.

Vintage: Usually old or retro interior designs are considered as vintage designs but in fact they are related to a specific period of time. If you want to decorate your interior in glamorous style of 1940s then you will have to give it an extremely elegant look by using luxurious fabrics along with mixture of soft and bold colours. In this way, it will give an old but sober look to your home.

Modern: People usually get confused between contemporary and modern home styles. In fact contemporary style is related to the present whereas modern is an iconic and timeless style. The interiors with modern design are usually neutral, unadorned and clean and prominently use leather, polished metals and wood.

Eclectic: A mix-n-match of different textures, colours and styles in a room is usually known as eclectic interior design. It can also be considered as something between a chaos and contrast due to random use of many things in one place. It can create a distinctively fun, imaginative and charming environment, if done properly.

Industrial: It relates you to the home styles of manufacturing era. Its main focus is on the functionality of your interior. It is provided an unfinished and raw look by using the industrial materials of the past and rough surfaces. It also includes exposed ducts and pipes, vintage furniture and cemented surfaces. This style will look highly synchronized and stable, if done right.

Traditional: The interior designs in traditional style are more classic, predictable and comforting as you will find everything in its proper place. Main features of this home design may include sturdy, crafted and detailed woodwork along with carefully matching furniture.

Scandinavian: People with minimalistic approach may like Scandinavian home styles as they are known for their beauty, simplicity and functionality. Though these homes look modest still they are the perfect example of elegance and craftsmanship. Openness, clean lines, minimum adornments, geometric formations and muted tones are the main characteristics of this style.

Retro: This interior design has nothing to do with old or retro style. This style of interior decoration is usually inspired by the interiors of 1960s in which colours and certain patterns play dominating role. It is a combination of various styles along with nostalgia.

Transitional: The home styles in which classic styles are updated is known as transitional styles of interior. It is a mixture of refined but classy traditional and simple contemporary styles that represents an uncomplicated mix of elegance and harmony. It should include comfortable, practical and sophisticated furniture.

In this way, your professional interior design company can help you in selecting suitable home styles for your home to renovate its interior within your budget.